Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 3


Chapter 3: The Blazing Forest

Chapter 3 starts with the club members reading Yuuji’s novella: The Liar Butterfly. As he waits for them to finish and give feedback, he’s nervously squeezing his hands to the point where his fingers are almost about to go clear through his palms.

Yuuji: maybe I shouldn’t have based my story on a boy butterfly wanting to be a girl…or named the butterfly Yuuji…or his love interested Masaki…shit

Upon getting to the last page, club member “girl I still don’t know what her name is” smiles and tells Yuuji this is his best piece yet.


Yuuji’s work is the last to be read by the club. They’re only missing one: and can you guess whose? Mr. “Meditation has failed me” gets ready to go on an anger rant. Yuuji opens his mouth to tell their club president, put your balls in some ice and chill, but before he can utter a word, Ayumi does the equivalent of launching a speeding car through a building and crashing into the office break room: YO GIVE THE MAN A MINUTE TO SHOW! This surprises everyone as in the next panel all the people shown are quiet and have their mouths hanging open lol. Suddenly on the spot, Ayumi tries to causally back her car out of the break room, like nothing to see here: in one of the classes they have together, she saw Masaki working real hard on writing the piece for the club bulletin. I mean, he wasn’t paying attention to class which would have been better but that just shows he’s putting his club before his future…

Yuuji: oh this bitch better not be a love rival ♨_♨

The initial shock over, Mr. “Gets trolly if he’s not he first to leave a comment” puffs up and presses down on the accelerator of his anger rant: I don’t care if he left his grandmother to crawl for her lifealert after a fall to write his assignment. We have deadlines for a reason. We have to print this shit at Kinkos and bind all 4 books we’re printing. The last thing they need is to anger the printing people and have them print everything in wingding font. Or even worse, just give us pictures of their dicks wearing little hats.

The door opens as Mr. “All the donuts go to my butt and that makes me hate everything” shakes his fists at remembering the dick hat fashion show from last year. Masaki rolls in. From his dick pocket, he pulls out his assignment and slams it down in front of Mr. “Happiness is a lie.”

Masaki: (゚ヮ゚) *turns to leave*

Mr. “I have never smiled”: wait get your ass back here!

Masaki: (゚ヮ゚)凸 *leaves*


Before Mr. “I will be bald before graduation because I have anger problems” can lose his shit, “girl I still don’t know what her name is” smiles and says, yay! We have all the assignments turned in :) The club presidents tells her to shut her bitch mouth. Just because Masaki submitted his assignment that is uncomfortably still warm from being so close to his crotch, doesn’t mean it’s going in the bulletin. What if it’s shit? He then turns his attention to Yuuji: make copies, gopher!

Yuuji leaves to find the copier and sighs at his friend’s brazen attitude. After making one copy, he picks up the novella to make another copy when the title catches his eye: The Blazing Forest.


“Located not far from the village, blazed a forest of fire.

A young woman lived alone in the village
However, she was chased out because of how ugly she was
She ended up seeking refuge in the forest.

It was just about the time she fled for the forest that the fires started…”

Yuuji is captivated by Masaki’s story. It doesn’t read like a forced assignment. It’s one that holds your attention as it draws you in with each sentence.
A hand smacks him on the back, drawing Yuuji out of Masaki’s world. It’s Ayumi. Yuuji was taking so long she came to check up on him.

Yuuji: :B

Yuuji strums out an apology but Ayumi waves him off: she’ll help. As they wait for their copies, she remarks on how relieved Yuuji must be as well that Masaki submitted his shit on time. When Yuuji stares at her in surprise, Ayumi continues: it’s good that Masaki turned in his assignment. That means he won’t get kicked out. As much as a piece of shit he is, Masaki is an entertaining guy. Also, with him gone, that would leave just Yuuji and her as members.

Yuuji: oh thank goodness I thought you knew I want Masaki’s D phew

Ayumi: what?

Yuuji: what

Back in the clubroom, everyone finishes reading Masaki’s novella. To put it simply, it was mesmerizing. Even, Mr. “Rogaine I believe in you” is forced to agree the work was decent.
Ayumi catches Yuuji’s eye and gives him a thumbs up. Yuuji smiles back in agreement: Masaki is staying.


Later that night, Yuuji puts on the dress he bought in chapter 2. He tells us readers this has become a daily ritual. Looking at his reflection, he contemplates on what he sees:

“With this, I’ve gotten closer to the body I want.
However, I can only be so in my own home…

A line from Masaki’s novella suddenly came to mind:
It burned and burned but the flames consuming the forest never went out
When one desire is satisfied, another desire is born.
Once lit, the flames burn and intensify”


Yuuji smiles at his lips and thinks of his next step: makeup

The scene changes to Ayumi walking alone at night. She has a bag of groceries thumping at her side. Her destination: Masaki’s place. To celebrate his awesome piece (and making the club president cum in his pants from how great the piece was), she decided to surprise him with some sukiyaki.
Honestly, up until now, I didn’t think Ayumi had any inclinations for Masaki’s dick but I forgot this is a story about drama…drama that started with one man’s penis and too many holes.

Just as Ayumi rounds the corner, she looks up to see “girl who didn’t have a name but is finally named and that name is Etsuko” knocking on Masaki’s door. She doesn’t have sukiyaki like Ayumi but I think we all know what she’s here to let Masaki eat. Masaki answers and lets Etsuko in.

Ayumi: :(


Inside, Masaki calmly sits at his desk while Etsuko takes her shoes off. He tells her he thought they weren’t doing this anymore. Etsuko lols and asks back if that’s why he suddenly started chasing other women, dick out (referring to chapter 1).
Not really looking for conversation, Etsuko comes overs and rubs Masaki’s thigh, trialing her hand further up as she takes a seat on his leg. I think she’s cupping his balls, but I can’t tell due to speech bubble censorship. She tells Masaki he’s cute and smiles at him. Masaki looks away and asks if she really wants to do this – she’s to be a married woman soon.

“I’m to marry when I graduate” Estsuko reaches up a hand to push back some of Masaki’s hair. “My college life is my time to do as I will, no?”


She pulls Masaki into a kiss. Her eyes close as she enjoys the contact, however, Masaki’s eyes remain open. I can’t tell the expression he wears. Is he pissed because he likes Etsuko and doesn’t want to be fuck buddies? Or is he pissed Etsuko is making him her fuck buddy. Like, what is happening here?


But now is not the time for that. Instead we jump over to a sad Ayumi. And…pretty much she’s just sad and pissed. Pissed that Masaki was no better than the rumors and sad because he’s no better than the rumors. To showcase her feels, she drops her bag of groceries, finds a lamppost, and hunkers down in front of it for a good cry.

 “She knew, as they continuously stared at her disfigured visage, how cruel the act of being seen was. She knew this more than anyone.”


Yuuji places the copy of Masaki’s novella down on his desk. He relocates to his bed for a pillow hug. In his head, he wonders how Masaki would react to seeing Yuuji in a dress. In his heart, he knows that were he to show his true self to Masaki, they could never go back to how things are now. But, if there was a chance he’d not turn away in disgust. If there was a chance he’d accept Yuuji. Love Yuuji….


“To exist without knowing, to what extent is that happiness?
To be able to throw away one’s heart, to what extent does that make life easier?

However…the flames…have already enveloped my body.”


(I just added this last page for the butt shot lol)


Well damn. This chapter revealed not one, not two, but three people who officially want Masaki’s D. Seriously, all genders want his slong!
And Masaki himself is a mystery still.
I wonder if that novella he wrote is somehow related to his past…or maybe to himself?

Then that chick Etsuko. Damn, talk about repression there. She smiles in the clubroom and keeps the peace, but behind the scenes, she’s bucking like a wild horse haha. Will be interesting to see what her past is that made her into who we see today!

3 thoughts on “Tid-Bits: There is No Future for This Love Chapter 3

  1. Just a quick conclusion: Maybe Masaki hurt a woman that he loved (could be a mom, a girlfriend, a friend) and something tragic happened to her. So then he just does whatever Etsuko wants out of guilt.

    2 chapters later: Everyone and their dog wants Masaki including Mr. President.
    Mr. President: There’s never going to be a deadline to reach your heart.

    Also, thought of the possibility of Masaki also being transgender and seeing himself as the ugly woman. Who knows.

    • From all I’ve read, Masaki has been the most elusive in terms of background history (well, there’s the president but we don’t even know his name so meh).
      Even Mr. President is wiping the back of his mouth when we aren’t looking

      I feel like the girl represents him in someway
      Like maybe his parents wanted a girl and were pissed they got a magic penis instead. Or they wanted a shining star and got a shiny dick instead? Maybe they did things to him and eventually he didn’t meet his expectations so they chased him out
      And the fire represents his life. Everything is on fire but yet he lives…
      But maybe that’s too deep.
      Maybe he’s just a pyro lol

      • You just need to be attractive. That’s it. There was a male ex-convict who recently made his debut in runway modeling because of his hot mugshot. It would be different if Masaki was unfortunate looking and had a harem.

        I don’t know if this story is true but this dude talked about how his mom raised him to be a girl and how he thought that his penis would fall off someday. So nothing’s off the table in the realm of possibility.

        “Maybe that’s too deep” or NOT. DEEP. ENOUGH. You’re know you’ve struck gold when your audience needs a map to sort out the storyline ala Kingdom Hearts.

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