Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 2

Kyou kara Omae was Ore no Yome by Kawahara Ren

Main girl Kohaku goes to a school where the classes are divided into two groups: Kings and Princesses. Basically it’s pretty much separated based on gender expectations. If you’re a King, you’re learning how to be man: how to handle finances, manage businesses, provide for your family, and be successful. If you’re a Princess, that means you’re a girl who is learning how to be supportive to your future man: learning how to sew, dress pretty, and make a sandwich. No hard thinking for you, little lady!
If that sexists shit wasn’t enough, this school also has a course where Kings and Princesses are paired to learn how to be couples. Like, we’re talking everything from learning how to make a baby (they have movies and powerpoint presentations…yah), to support a family, how to keep the magic popping, and aftermath of pregnancy on the body.

Kohaku was trying to break stereotypes by being a King. However, when her father loses his job and all their money, she ends up given the following condition: become a Princess and be her rival’s wife for that couples class, and she’ll have a place to stay (not sure where dad is staying but fuck his unemployed ass I guess). With no choice, she accepts the conditions.

Honestly yo I was not expecting any of this at all. Like damn, in this day and age, this was blatant. If the manga were a comedy and were making fun of the gender stereotypes, that’s fine. But no…this shojo was serious.
No math or science for the ladies because their place is pretty much in the kitchen.
(seriously, aside from how the pair looked like as a couple, there were no tests that I noticed for the Princesses. The Kings had tests and were ranked but nothing for the Princesses).
The hell kind of message are you endorsing Mag Garden Avarus?? Isn’t your demography majority women?? D:

That aside, the read was ok. There were a few moments that got you chuckling (Shigure reacting to Kohaku thinking babies were delivered by the stork, the reversal 50 Shades of Grey) but story-wise I don’t feel like anything was accomplished. Mostly it was Kohaku being angry (understandable) and tsundere (not understanding Shigure is in love with her) with the rival Shigure being apathetically clingy/jealous (yeah weird combo). Random plot twist happened in the last chapter that threatened to shake them up but come on this is a shojo (I think?). They resolved the issue and are now together ~

One thing I liked was that Kohaku did go back to joining the King course. She’s also taking Princess classes just because why not.
So that’s something haha.

Oh forgot to add but the ecchi stuff was a little weird. Like, wtf Shigure. Did you just ask Kohaku if she’s every masturbated why?? /:u

  1. Overall, the manga was ok. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. The art was nice.?


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