April Showers Bring May Flowers ~

kingdomheartsiconGah, I didn’t realize posts I had left in draft had been scheduled and posted! Ah well, too late to go back and fix that error :p

Hello everyone! How have you all been? Life has been putt-putting for me. The usual dance of work, social stuff, and being a lazy potato sprout. The weather is changing and sadly it is almost time for summer. I can already smell the painful scents of human bodily fluids baking in the oven known as the subway platform…

But with summer means it’s time for me to ghetto urban garden again! I tried a go at it last year and it was surprisingly successful. Winter took out almost everyone though (since light does not touch my apartment, putting the plants in my apartment would have been akin to a slow torturous death) so I get to start anew ~ Surprisingly, my chamomile made it through winter! One little bright green stalk, with little blurbs of white flowers greeted me when I looked the other day. I liked how the plant looked like a middle finger – screw you I ain’t dying!
My lavender too held on which was really weird. I assumed that one would have been the first to roll over and succumb to winter’s cold embrace. And then there’s the mint, but mint is my spirit plant – they don’t know when to give up. Plant them in water or hack them down, they’ll just shoot right back up and grin at you.

This year I learned to buy my pots and soil from the 99 cent store down the street. Home Depot’s pots were hellah expensive. Plus it’s a long walk for me to carry them all home (how I do miss having a car ;___; darn city life). The 99 cent store pots were dirt cheap (probably all the BPA), the size I needed, and the easy to transport back to my apartment. The dirt too was a good size that I can drag behind me on my little cart.

I’ll take pictures later but right now I have chives and lemon balm growing in one long pot thing, and cilantro growing in another long pot thing. Another pot has chamomile seeds I dumped for lols. A final pot has apple seeds that were growing from an apple I had been eating for lunch. I almost had a little apple tree growing at work but someone smashed it (hopefully on accident!) so it died horribly ;___;

I just bought some oregano and thyme the other day that I’ll shove in another long pot, and two things of parsley for the other pot. I’m debating if I’ll get basil again because basil is such a weak bitch :/ One thing changes and it’s on the floor, crying for mommy. My coworker who suddenly started to grow things too had some left-over basil seeds and gave me a few. I’ll probably grow them at work since they’re there and I have some empty pots there I can use but we’ll see if I get some for my garden. I love basil but it gets old patting it on the back and telling it things will get better just because a cloud came and blocked the sun for 3 minutes…

I want to get rosemary too because I love the smell but rosemary can also be a little turd…plus I’m still mourning my poor rosemary that died at work. It had almost died once but came back fighting. Then work turned the heaters on one day without telling us and I came back to find his dried up corpse, face affixed in disbelief and horror.
(the ledge my little rosemary was on was right next to the heater)


And I think that’s enough of me talking about plants :p I’ll leave off here with that and update later with something less dorky haha xD


I’m going to have two Tid-Bits posts following shortly after this one (I recently got a Sylph manga and I’m interested in finding out the mystery behind the allure of one’s character dick. Everyone wants it and I want to know why) and then it’s to comments before heading out and smelling that stank!

Take care :3

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