Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 4

Aishite Nai, Kamo.
 (I Hate Him…I Think) by Hanano Risa

Gah. This tank D:/
Ema is convinced Towa hates her. He called her ugly when they were 6 and that was that. Since he hates her, she hates him. Logically, right? But actually, Ema still has a crush on Towavfrom when they were little. He’d be a little turd to her but then also be real sweet which made her fall for him (ok…). But he hates her so they’ll never get together. Stupid useless feels.
To further complicate things, Towa actually really likes Ema (which is obvious to everyone but Ema cuz she’s dumb as shit) but is convinced she doesn’t like him. So he keeps his feelings to himself.
Then you have this random thing where they are in an arranged marriage because why not.
And that’s pretty much it.

Honestly, even as a one-short this premise would still be painful. Ema’s logic didn’t make any sense. Towa called her ugly so she’s trash in his eyes. Girl. It’s been 9 years. Get over it. Ema herself was an annoying character. She rivaled S.A.’s Hikari in being dense. At least Hikari was amusing in the beginning (when the grandpa arc started, that’s when things started to taper). Ema just came off as a stupid cunt. I mean, the man fucking kissed you, woman, because you couldn’t understand you were the one he liked. Towa even said, “this is how I feel about you.”

Her: how can you go around kissing me like that when you have someone you already like >:(

Him: ???

Me: ????

The whole thing with the “he likes someone” misunderstanding (is that even what that was?) started when some little bitch dude almost outed Ema and Towa as fiancées (Ema wants that to be a secret so her life isn’t ruined or whatever dramatic explanation she has in her head). Ema was freaking out, monologuing about how her life was going to be ruined if people learned the truth. Towa saw this and diverted the conversation by saying he had someone he likes so STFU people. Ema takes this and creates a whole tv series about it and it just got more grating the further her stupid delusions and cunt attitude got.

Honestly, I felt bad for Towa. Sorry shojo forced you to pursue this fool, man

In the end, didn’t enjoy nothing. The art was ok but not enough to forgive the mess inside… :(

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