Backlog Attack Part III Remix: Day 3

S・A ─場外乱闘─
S.A – Ringside Battle (Jougai Rantou) by Minami Maki

Despite my interest in S.A. faltering towards the end of the series (Kei, you are a very patient man. Also, Towa, sir? You can eat dick), I still bought this tank cuz why not? I liked S.A for the side characters. Their stories were fun to follow when Hikari’s rock head was too much to take.

S.A – Ringside Battle is a collection of random ass shorts focusing either on various couples or this random chocolate Kei’s dad brings home as a souvenir that I’m quite sure is laced with a strange combination of Godiva and LSD.  The first short follows Hikari as she promises to help a fellow student out – her sister is getting married but a creeper keeps ruining the party. Hikari is about the same height as the sister so it’s decided she’ll impersonate the sister and punch creepy’s lights out when he makes an appearance. Naturally Kei isn’t happy because 1.) creeper and 2.) Hikari in a wedding dress without him as the groom lol. But this is Kei so of course he Kei’s himself into the groom position.
The second story is between Finn and Ryuu. I guess the two still aren’t a couple ^^; Slow bloomers. We meet Ryuu’s sister finally – of course she’s cray and loves to torment her little brother and has ninja servants take pictures of him all day every day, dick out and all probably. She decides to use Finn to tease Ryuu, by telling Finn Ryuu likes to be treated like shit. Finn of course believes this and poor Ryuu is just left sitting in the corner going D:/ Thankfully sister feels bad and then the truth of her brother love is revealed, making everything ok (Finn, be more concerned…).
Story three focuses on Yahiro and Megumi. Yahiro is still being stubborn on his feels while Megumi is buying out billboards and commercials proclaiming her love for him. Was a cute chapter. Fun seeing jealous Yahiro and MUHAHAHAH WELCOME TO LOVE BITCH Kei xD
The last short before the chocolate high chapters is the shortest and it focuses on Akira and Tadashi. White Day is coming up and Tadashi doesn’t know what to get Akira. When he asks the guys of S.A., they’re like, well, if it were my girlfriend, I’d get her a Gucci watch, fucking diamonds, or, in Kei’s case, a private island located in the tropics. Naturally Tadashi doesn’t think that’s something that would fly with Akira and spends all 10 pages pondering what to get her. He ends up getting her flowers and she blushes hard (not before smacking the shit out of him tho bc that’s how their relationship runs haha).
The chocolate episodes include gender swap and reverting back to a child. The child one was my favorite because of the censoring xD

All and all, it was fun to visit S.A. again now that there was no grandpa drama or love interest coming in to shit in the pot. Was strange there was no Sakura and Jun chapter…but then again, they were barely shown in the original series so I guess they kept to tradition in only being present in the background haha

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