Update Part II

Continuing from the last post:

Since I don’t have much time anymore (thanks new technology and management), I’ll be blogging even less than I already have haha (*small tear trickles down side of face*). Will mostly be staying with things like “mags I read for the month” or something small and basic. One day when I move from here and get a more stable job with a better commute (over 2 hours of my day is spent commuting, despite the fact my work place is 5 miles from my apartment – NYC woes), I’ll be able  to resurrect Spoils into something resembling what it used to be – summaries from Sylph (mah baby!), real mag posts, and what not – but until then, don’t expect much from this poor little blog ^^

I guess next week I’ll throw in a post about what mags I read in Feb. Maybe might do a manga one for March in addition to a mag one but right now I need to survive my meetings with lawyers and presenting to a crowd of over 100 people before I think of the future. Why did I pick this field again? :,D

And that’s that. Hope you all are well and safe! This winter has a been a crazy one weather wise here. It’s like the weather doesn’t know if it wants to be winter or summer hur.

Pray that the defense doesn’t rip me a new one and throw me in jail or something hahaha…oh gawd.

Peace ;___;

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