First Post of 2017

Wow it has been awhile!!

Shit got real cray the last time I posted, oh so many months ago. I didn’t even get to celebrate my blog’s anniversary haha. Strangely enough, WordPress didn’t send the usual “Year of Blogging” email or as I see it, “Why Are You Even Still Blogging” email, so no stats to report. I could go through my old stuff but nahhhhh :p

This represents my life right now haha

Let’s see, what has happened since I last posted? Real life:

  • I went through training for a new statistical program and scientific techniques we’ll be using at work
  • Passed the tests for said training (yeah, we have tests. Pass or unemployment. Hur)
  • My group was chosen to be the first to use said techniques and programs live, horrible disasters followed because the program had been validated super quick so many problems were encountered that the validation team was like, hmmm that didn’t happen when we were testing out so and so product (you used like 3 pristine samples, we have junk samples when we do work why are you so confused???). Also the electronic program we use to house our data died horrible and it took days just to print out things, meaning we were horribly behind on everything
  • Did lots of overtime to comb through results produced and try to remedy problems (pretty much got a week’s worth of vacation from all the overtime haha – at my work, “overtime” = “vacation time” (bc they’re too stingy too give actual $$))
    • Very scary because these results can affect people’s lives o__O
    • Old people at work are like, this software is fine
    • But these are also the old people who would drive into a golf course water hazard because the GPS told them to take a left and bygummit they’re taking that left because technology…
    • Me: …this is going to blow up on someone and I’m going to do everything to make sure it’s not me .___. *all the OT*
  • In the middle of all that, promotions were happening so I was stressing over that (I just made the cut to go for it and shit I was so unprepared, I was like fuck this just do it and at least know what’s required of you for the next time promotions happen – for promotions at my work, we need to have peer evaluations and do an interview. Why an interview? Because they like to see you squirm. Only reason.)
  • Shocked to find out I did get promoted (:U what???)
    • But lots of mad drama over who got promoted and who didn’t
    • One of my work buddies got it but two others didn’t
    • One was so angry about not getting it she quit
    • The other is half thinking of quitting too
    • Me: D:
  • Did round 2 of new testing procedures only this time management reduced the number of people in our group (since we were doing so fantastic with the current numbers we had *very heavy sarcasm* Note the electronic program we use has not been fixed since the disaster that was round 1) and forced us to do peer review within our group instead of having another group peer review our results (It’s a QAQC thing at work – you have another set of eyes examine your results to make sure things were done right. But when you peer review, you can’t review something you did the work on because you’re essentially reviewing yourself which defeats the purpose of a second pair of eyes haha. Pretty much you can’t review yourself, so that means we’re down even more hands because the higher ups that do the peer reviewing can’t come down and help out (I’m in one of the few groups where the higher ups get off their butts and do bench work, bless their insane souls – but I guess this gives them more time to freak out about life)
  • Even more shit was hitting the fan
    • Someone in my group had to go to re-training
      • down more hands (it was literally just 2 of us doing the work of 6 people, yours truly was one of the 2)
    • We were so behind on our results no one was around to start round #3
      • Of course the 34o5 meetings we had didn’t help
      • My group likes meetings
      • And they like to make meetings run over the designated time
      • “It’s just 15 minutes” *2 hours later*
      • x this by 3405
      • Them: huh wonder why we’re so behind
      • Me: are you fucking kidding?
      • (I do not like pointless meetings in case you can’t tell :P)
    • So many more problems in the cases I had
      • I tell you I’m now on first name basis with the higher ups because I’m always running over like, hey guys guess what else is fucked up today :D
  • Thankfully I had vacay around this time so I lifted the birds and left to go take care of my dad after his surgery (nothing crazy, thankfully just some oral surgery)
  • Finally came back
  • Work still on fire
  • Another friend quit
  • I have hopefully laryngitis (please not strep)
  • And I have possible court testimony to do x 3 because job stuff
  • And a presentation to give because my boss is M and likes it when the head bosses yell at him and spit on him

TL;dr – lot of crazy life stuff, but at least I got a promotion out of it so yay?

Life aside, I’m working on some New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Read 40 books (like, book books, not manga)
    • I haven’t read book books in like forever. I miss sitting around and having an adventure via literature :3
    • Thus far I’ve been doing good. I’m excited to do an end of the year post with all the books I’ve read ~ Thankfully since I’ve been flying a lot and it’s been hellah cold, I’ve been in situations that reduce my ability to go outside so it’s either video games or reading :p
  • Read 300 shorts, from mags like:
    • Lala DX
    • The Hana to Yume
    • Deluxe Betsucomi
    • Margaret Sister (I didn’t realize they had started already :D)
    • I’m hoping reading the shorts will help with my Japanese
  • Dessert
    • Try something new each week (there’s lots of weird stuff out there – and what better to try things than in NYC :p)
  • Draw 150 pictures
    • I want to get back into doodling again :3

Other things:

I’ve been cleaning up my apartment slowly since December, rearranging things and packing stuff. I cleaned my “on going shelf” and pulled the following off that are completed (I have lots of manga to read haha):

I’m sad once I’m done they’ll have to be boxed up. One of the cons of living in NYC – small ass apartment so no room for books ;___; I barely have space to cook wtf…

While my doorway and bedroom are looking good, my living room is a hot mess haha. Books all over. Boxes of junk pushed to the side. Ah, lots of cleaning to be done. I haven’t even tackled my closets yet hee

Thankfully with the extra income, I’ll be able to buy some new furniture to make things more livable ~

Ah shit this is getting pretty wordy. I’ll continue with another post.

4 thoughts on “First Post of 2017

  1. Awww sorry to hear you didn’t get promoted. You get that through interviews? Wtf is that? And sorry there was so much stress. I hope things get better!
    OOO that’s a lot of manga. Nice choices, btw ;) I see dat Library Wars.
    If you want to read some good YA, check out the Lunar Chronicles and ACOTAR.
    Good luck with everything. You got this!!


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