Winter is slowly creeping in

Hello everyone!

Hope the week has been treating everyone kindly ~
I saw my Backlog Attack posts I scheduled long ago started up. Totally forgot about them actually. Hur. Unfortunately, the last one will publish today. With me going back to care for my dad after his surgery, coming back home only to find strep and the common cold waiting for me with wide arms (a longgggggg painful recovery…that mindless video games helped me get through), and now studying the new technologies we’ll be using at work (my test is scheduled this week. It’s a verbal test where I’ll have to shit things out on the fly eep!), I unfortunately didn’t have time to really read as much as I had been hoping :(

Thus I’ll be rescheduling the rest of what I had for February so hopefully nothing crazy like November happens and I pass my test with minimal ulcer appearances…


My binder with all my powerpoints and readings for my test on Friday. Lala DX is there to act as a comparison :o

The temperature has been falling fast here. Supposedly today we might get snow which is a surprise! But I’m thinking it’s going to be too “warm” for snow so it’ll probably just be sleet. I plan on staying inside for that. I’ve got beef stew (or something that was supposed to beef stew) brewing on the stove and a binder full of powerpoints and readings to study by Friday @___@

I’ll end with a picture of my order ~ only shipped half of it. I guess it’s going to hold the other half hostage until Emerald is released? ^^;



3 thoughts on “Winter is slowly creeping in

    • (wow lol all my posts I had in draft form I hit the wrong button and scheduled xD I wrote this so long ago)

      Thanks! Dad is doing good. He had surgery #3 a couple weeks ago and has been healing well. Probably because this time I was on him about his medicine and drinking water. Thinking my father was a grown man and knew how to care for himself, I didn’t poke him as much last time and then he got an infection and was surprised.
      Me: ????
      My dad has one last surgery and he should be good to go :J

      I passed all the tests :D
      Wasn’t as bad as I thought they were going to be – probably because my work was like, fuck it just get them through xD
      But hey, I’ll take it :J

      Ah yes, that manga is the Beasts of Abigaile ( It reminds me of anime Sailor Moon, but instead of planets and miniskirts, you have werewolves and miniskirts :D

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