Backlog Attack Part III: Day 11


Kirameki Box

After finishing Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., I went to BookOff and guess who I found??? What were the chances of finding this author’s first book?? My BookOff is random in its selection. To actually have some more “recent” titles, especially Margaret for some reason, was a surprise!

Like Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita., the tank is a compilation of 6 shorts. I enjoyed the tank greatly. I was surprised to see there was a short that was connected to the elementary schoolboy and his mother that we saw in Hajimete Kareshi ga, Dekimashita.. In Kirameki Box, we follow the father and daughter’s relationship. The father is a laidback guy who used to watch movies with his daughter whenever the mother left with the son to visit her own mother. That was their thing. But the mother would find out and yell at him. The daughter felt bad and stopped going to the movies with her dad. They start to grow distant until the daughter gets stressed trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. The dad lols and takes the daughter to the movies. He tells her just to take life one step at a time – she’ll figure out what she needs to do. And not to sweat mom. He always gets yelled at. Not putting the seat down. Having stinky poop. Ehhhh. It was sweet seeing the two grow closer as a family. A nice warm feeling ;__; You don’t see too many stories with the parents playing an active role in the child’s life. Most of them are either working or dead thanks to shojo cars…

Overall I enjoyed the tank. I really enjoy this manga-ka’s work. I look forward to reading more from her :)

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