Backlog Attack Part III: Day 10


Girls Step (Girls Step?) by Uyama Kesuke, Kawanishi Moe

I’ve been meaning to buy this tank for a while now ever since I saw it in Kino around the time I first moved here but for some reason I never got around to it. Even now, the circumstances behind buying the tank was random. For some reason I was at Kino. Think I prob used their bathroom. I’m the type to feel guilty about peeing for free so I think I went upstairs to see if there was anything that caught my eye to buy in exchange for using the facilities. I just happened to be pulling random tanks to see if anything clicked when I pulled Girls Step & remembered wanting to buy this but never getting to it. I guess I must have been feeling lazy that day because I grabbed the tank & said f it, good enough lol

Background story aside, on to the post! Girls Step is about a young girl who falls in love with dancing after watching a performance held by her school’s dance club during an assembly. She particularly looked up to a talented dancer, Ikebe-senpai, and inspired to be as great as a dancer as her. Though Azusa is a horrible dancer (of course lol), she still gives it her all. When Ikebe-senpai leaves to study abroad, the other dance club members say f this & quit. The only reason they were good was because of Ikebe. No point in staying in the club if they don’t have a star (<- ???). Naturally, Azusa is devistated. She loves dancing & wants the club to flourish.
Now it’s up to one dance klutz to save her beloved club from abolishment.

The main premise behind Girls Step is about doing what you love with people who also share the same passion. Azusa works hard to keep the members still in the club motivated while finding new club members to keep the club afloat. Her  determination inspires others to work hard and the girls bond over sweat and laughter.

Since the story is completed in a single tank, the story felt very rushed. EVERYONE IS LEAVING??? 2 pages later: ok we’re good. OMG WE NEED A COACH. 2 pages later: got one. GAH WE’RE ALL ANGRY AT EACH OTHER. 4 pages later: ok we’re friends again. I think had Girls Step like 1-2 more tanks, things could have been fleshed out more and had a better impact on the reader emotionally. But hey, the manga-ka did pretty good w the amount of space she had to work with.

The art was my favorite thing about this tank. I really liked the style used: super cute w little chibis running around. What’s inside is just like what you see on the cover (it sucks when you buy something and the inside art doesn’t match what’s on the cover).
I would have liked to know the separate members in the club more past their unique quirks: gangster, nerd, just there (what was her quirk?), girly girl. We only really get personal w Azusa and Kenny the dance coach who helps the girl get their shit together.

Overall, I’m glad I finally got to read Girls Step. I would have liked the story to have had more time to be fleshed out but it is what it is. Reading wise, it was very easy. If you’re new to reading in Japanese, Girls Step is an good practice read since the sentence structures and conversations are very simple :J

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