Backlog Attack Part III: Day 9


Hatsukoi Canvas (First Love Canvas) by Samamiya Akaza


I remember reading this oneshot in a volume of Asuka a LONG time ago. I didn’t realize it had been given an extension! So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Hatsukoi Canvas while browsing on!

Just like with Sun-kissed, Sakurako is a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. Literally, you want to hold her to your chest and protect her from the evils around her ^^

The first chapter is as I remembered – Sakurako is self-conscious about her art because people think its cursed. She meets Akiharu who helps her realize that’s stupid. The second expounds a little bit on the relationship progress between Sakurako and Akiharu (don’t expect much ^^ They’re slow bloomers like the leads in Hibi Chouchou) and also shows us more of two side characters that had 3 pages in the original short before disappearing forever. Chapter 3 focuses on the female side character Hotaru and Akiharu’s uncle. The fourth chapter focuses on the youngest character of the group -Yukinojou. The last chapter pretty much cements Sakurako and Akiharu’s relationship x3 It ends enough that you know where they’re going but it’s open in that maybe another chapter could be slipped in if the manga were to get extended again.

Overall, I enjoyed Hatsukoi Canvas. Was fun re-reading it again. And it’s nothing like the weirdness of Torikago Syndrome, if you’re all hesitant to read Hatsukoi Canvas because of her other work. Hatsukoi is just pure shojo – put it this way, I wouldn’t have blinked twice if I saw this published in Margaret. That’s how shojo it is.

5 thoughts on “Backlog Attack Part III: Day 9

  1. So is the heroine like Tohru Honda, then? I never understood all the hate fans had for the poor girl. Sure, she was a Mary Sue, but she was likable at the least and she had done some hard living and near the end her entire character broke down and made you realize how hard she had to fight to pretend she was always happy.


    • She could have been but Sakurako pretty much gets kicked to the side in chapters 3 and 4. She’s barely in them since they’re focused on other characters (and those characters help each other out) xD

      If anything, Sakurako is best described as a pretty airhead. She’ll get compliments on her face but not her brains ^^; Poor girl. She at least has a big heart to make up for it.

      I never got around to reading Fruits Basket. I saw the anime with friends long ago – Tohru was such a sweet character! I’m super happy Yen Press is rereleasing the series in omnibus form (I never got to reading the manga when Tokyopop was releasing the volumes) – I’ve been slowly grabbing each volume as they’re released though I was told to hold off until I have all the volumes because it’ll be an emotional roller coaster.
      I heard Tohru goes through a lot of stuff – actually everyone does, I think? Heard it gets real dark real quick.
      And that there are boobs that shocked the world :P

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      • I see that’s a shame :(
        And YAS you need to read it. Some series get hyped up for a good reason and sadly the anime divereted from the manga. I really hope you get to read it soon. It does get pretty dark but it was seamlessly paced. And yea there is that rofl


        • I think the 7th book was released recently (so up to vol 14?). I think there’s a total of 12 books planned (24 volumes?) and Yen has been releasing one a month so almost there! :)

          I wonder if the manga will push me towards Kyo X Tohru. Not sure why but from the anime, I remember wanting Yuki X Tohru xD

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          • Yep and YASSSS I wanted Yuki to be the one too but Kyo is a tsundere and I actually liked him when the romance hinted at him being endgame. Yuki kind of makes up a dumbass reason for his “fake feelings” rofl but Kyo honestly was a good love interest even though I also wanted Yuki to be it.


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