Backlog Attack Part III: Day 8


Ohisama ni Kiss (Sun-kissed) by Akegami Takara


OMG, this main guy – he’s the definition of a cinnamon roll, too pure for this world. I have never seen a shojo boy blush as much as the main guy. I mean, he was competing with the main female lead to see who was blushing more haha xD

Interestingly enough, in this tank, we have the original short that inspired the extension of Sun-Kissed. However, the female lead takes the stage. This was nice because we see she had a personality aside from blushing. Instead, it’s the main guy that does all the blushing for the both of them haha!

Also included is a short about a chubby girl who tries to work on getting back into shape while studying. I’m similar in that I walk on the treadmill and study too :D

Overall, Sun-kissed was like eating sugar straight from the bag. Super sugary sweet to the point of diabetes xD
I think the only reason it was released under the Cheese label is cuz all the girls told the main guy they’d love to be his fuck buddy.

Guy: ????

Me: ????

Random but o…k?

5 thoughts on “Backlog Attack Part III: Day 8

    • Hoho! You have the manga too :D Small world!

      It’s super hard to find cute leads like this guy haha
      I’ve seen blushy guys – like Onise from Honey/Honey So Sweet (it’s ENG title) but blushy tsundere like this guy is tough… :o he’s like the first of his species I’ve encountered haha

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        • I’ve got the title in Japanese (was collecting it before VIZ got the license). I’m actually rereading now as its next on my backlog list xD
          The beginning hurt a little w the main girl not knowing that she loved her uncle in a platonic way – not the “I want to play w your dick like a shake weight” kind of way.

          Me: *steeples fingers together in front of face, expression concerned*

          But once that hurdle was behind us (thank goodness bc I don’t know how I’d have liked this if the love triangle was really a thing), the series was cute x3
          I love Onise. He’s so adorable.

          Oh yeah! That poor guy in Last Game. I’m still on vol 3 but I saw random chapters in Lala and I really wanted to pat his back in sympathy and take him to get some froyo. I was amazed at how dense the main chick was at realizing her feels. Even Hikari from SA had a limit…

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          • “I want to play w your dick like a shake weight” kind of way. ROFL omg I died.
            Right? I was so worried too. But Onise is a precious cinnabun ^^
            Haha she is super dense. And yea Hikari was a special case….he had to fucking kiss her before she realized ooooooo and he’d kabedoned her and almost confessed several times before.
            Oh! I think you would like Hatsu*Haru. It has a male protagonist who falls in<3 with this kickass girl and it's hilarious and really cute.


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