Backlog Attack Part III: Day 7


Henteko Ojou-sama no Sensei Nisshi (The Journal of a Peculiar Noble Teacher) by Funatsu Wase


I had bought this tank at the same time I got Double Happiness. After the disappointment of Double Happiness, I pushed Nisshi a bit deeper into the backlog pile and read other things. However, we encountered one another again and thus this post :p

I’m happy to report Nisshi is MUCH better than Double Happiness. I failed to mention in my post for Double Happiness, but I felt the manga-ka was better at short stories than long ones. Had Double Happiness ended with the main girl going home to reevaluate her life and maybe time jump to meeting the emperor again, then it would have been good. But the stuff added on – the emperor turning into a little shit, the main girl being dumb, knife wielding mom – just ruined the story (and whatever moral it was supposed to convey to us readers).
Nisshi is filled with shorts. And they all ended just right – no added stupidity to make you want to slap yourself ^^ Instead you’ll probably giggle like an idiot – it’s recommended to read this in the security of your room, else you’ll make people stare at you on the train cuz  you’re grinning like an idiot :p

I’m torn between the pseudo Alice in Wonderland short or the Singer short being my favorite ^^ Both were extremely cute!

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