Backlog Attack Part III: Day 6


Beauty and the Beast King










If you ever wanted to see Beauty fuck Beast in his beast form while the evil witch watches and some slimy moist oddly phalic shaped vines join in…then this manga is for you.

One of the worst smut I’ve read in a long time. Everything was just…wrong.

…I’m going to go bleach my soul in hopes of cleansing me of this sin…

8 thoughts on “Backlog Attack Part III: Day 6

    • The cover was extremely misleading o__O things that can never be unseen…

      I usually buy my books via – I do it in bulk so the shipping isn’t as painful as passing a large kidney stone. Their manga sets for older titles are nice bc even with shipping factored in, what you’ll pay is hellah cheaper than buying each book individually. I bought Samurai Drive for a totally of $15 I want to say, shipping included (the bundle was like 500 yen which was super cheap! The books were in good condition too).
      Also shipping is mad fast (better be for the price paid) – when shipped, it comes to my house 2-3 days later.

      I also have a bookstore near me called Kinokuniya. I used to go to that store a lot but this particular store is kind of uppity and I didn’t like that security kept tailing me despite the numerous times I’ve visited and bought things. It’s like they thought today would be the day I’m going to steal a Naruto volume and they’ll be there to stop me ohohoho :/
      I’ve gone to other Kino stores and they’re a lot better. I also used to order from their online store but the website is kinda painful to use ^^ (at least the last time I ordered it was)

      Also near me is a used bookstore called BookOff. They have a lot of old manga for cheap. Like 2-3 dollars cheap.

      Those are my main 3 venues for manga JP manga :)

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        • Before I moved here, I had nothing haha. But thankfully was in my life even then :)

 is fickle w what it will let you buy. Things like merchandise and electronics it’ll be a little bitch and say no, but books and manga? Come into my bosom, child.
          The shipping is the main thing that’ll hurt. Cuz for anything not Japan, uses DHL which is super fast but super expensive.
          The shipping is based on weight and books are heavy haha

          But I like that the package is trackable. I used to get gray hairs over packages when I ordered from yesasia. It’d take over a month and by then, I’d be convinced someone in like Russia was enjoying my manga xD

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          • Omg I hear you the books are all I need rofl. Books in the states are insanely overpriced but insist on owning a library of hardcovers and classics and manga….
            Oh damn the shipping is that expensive? I looked it up and you really would need to put in a lot of books to even out the cost of it lol


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