Backlog Attack Part III: Day 5


Torikago Syndrome #2 by Samamiya Akaza


o___o whoa wtf happened in this volume?? Literally we just hit the floor and the pedal was put to the ground as we just floored our asses through the plot and off a cliff. I’ll tell you what, you want messed up pretty people, I’d say give Torikago Syndrome a shot – but only if you don’t mind the ending was literally us smashing into a wall to stop the high speed pace. You have molesting moms, unexpected siblings and relations, and someone dying, but by their own hand – I was honestly expecting more people to die. Just from how messed up things were.

There are a lot of plot holes aplenty – “wait why was he…?” “that doesn’t explain shit” “where did he just come from??” and “the fuck?”
The afterward from the manga-ka tries to explain some of her thinking but really, this needed a couple more chapters to properly tie things up (sounded like that was the manga-ka’s plan but I guess she didn’t factor that the manga was only going to be 9 chapters?). I mean, we get an ending, but I was so whiplashed at the end, I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it.

The art was pretty at least!?

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