Backlog Attack Part III: Day 4


Torikago Syndrome #1 by Samamiya Akaza


When Tsugumi enrolled into his new catholic school, what he was expecting was space to stretch his wings. He was not expecting to be dragged into a sport played behind teachers’ backs – the King Game. It’s an absurd game that pits boys against one another in hopes of gaining special privileges. Even friendship is no match for this game.
No matter how hard he tries, someone gets pulling him back into the game. What is their reason and why Tsugumi?


Yo what am I reading? Is this a shounen-ai??? Or is holding hands, and rubbing faces in a church sensually a thing in All-Boys Schools? o__O;

My fault again – I knew nothing about this title when I bought it, other than it’s by the same manga-ka of Hatsukoi Canvas (to pop up here soon as part of the backlog attack :J). The cover is what drew me in – love the use of blue.  But I should have known when there were no females anywhere on the front and back cover that this was going to be one of those “pseudo” shounen ais – not real, but there.

(didn’t stop me from buying the tank tho :p)

The plot is weird but interesting. This “King” game is messed up but things are so dramatic, you find yourself burning the pages from the speed you’re reading at just to find out what’s going to happen haha.

There are a lot of questions that I’m hoping will be answered in the next tank since it’s the last one! If anything, the art is really pretty (though when close ups happen, I have trouble telling who is who ^^;)

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