Backlog Attack Part III: Day 2

Bara Kangoku (Abigaile) no Kemono-tachi (The Beasts of Abigaile) by Naki Ringo


Due to past circumstances, Nina Tsukishiro moves to Ruberia, a small island off the coast of Europe, to live with her uncle and aunt. Legend has it that long ago, beasts roamed the island, terrorizing the inhabitants. To protect themselves, the people planted special roses that were said to smell like human blood but were poisonous when consumed. Thanks to the roses, the beasts were driven away and the people were able to live in peace. The name of that rose became the name of their little island – Ruberia.

No one has seen these beasts spoken of in the legends, so they’ve been cast off as nothing more than a fairy tale. However, Nina ends up meeting one…and gets bitten by him!! His bite transforms Nina into a beast as well. Now a Ruuger, Nina has been taken to the inescapable island facility, Abigaile. Trapped, what awaits Nina on Abigaile and what does the future have in store for her?


Wow, this felt like a throwback to when I’d wake up in the mornings to watch girl power shows like Sailor Moon, Escaflowne, or even Powerpuff Girls. You have your spunky heroine with a strong sense of justice, the prince-like guy who she likes but we all know she won’t get with him because he’s nice and also probably gonna end up being a little turd for a bit cuz drama, the grumpy main guy who is an ass to the main heroine so she’s like, go fuck yourself, and he’s like, don’t tell me what to do, the jealous love interest who may turn out to be the main girl’s bestie, an evil organization, and a lovable cast (of transvestites) mixed together to create The Beasts of Abigaile. Honestly, I was just hit with nostalgia the whole time I was reading the manga. Even the art reminds me of old school a bit ~

Right now with the first volume, we’re just getting introduced to everything. Probably the next volume will start giving us answers, like what a Marking is or what an Omega is (Poe!!). I’m really excited to continue my adventure with the Beasts of Abigaile ~ :)

Before I leave, here’s a cute short from the manga-ka’s tumblr (click here for her tumblr), just so you can see the adorable-ness of Poe!:


1st panel:
Nina: “Let’s walk to class together”
Poe: “Poe”

2nd panel:
Nina: “Say ahhh!”
Poe: “Poeeeee!”

3rd panel:
*sound asleep*
Poe: “Po…Poe…”

4th panel:
Renji: “WHAT’D I DO???”


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