Backlog Attack Part III: Day 1

Mitsu-Ai ~ Gin-Hakushaku no Cinderella (~Honey Sweet Affection ~ The Silver Count’s Cinderella) by Yamada Pan


Marie is a girl of half oriental blood, raised in an orphanage after her parents abandoned her. Her life has been a good one, thanks to the aid of a mysterious noble who is only known to the orphanage as “J”. On her 18th birthday, she receives a marriage proposal from a wealthy count! Could he be “J”?? As Marie falls for the count’s deep kisses and sweet affection, she wonders if he really is the mysterious “J”…

Or is he connected to Marie in another way?


And here we are again folks, with another Backlog Attack round :) Because so long as manga is being released, my backlog will never go down…which is a good thing because that means manga is still around! :p

We start off the party with some good ol’ smut hur ~ It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good smut story but the reason I always swim the murky semeny waters of smut is to find gems like this one (lol that’s a horrible description). Save for one point in the beginning – where the main dude (Alex) got grumps because the Marie didn’t recognize him so he decides to be a gynecologist by using his fingers to assert if she’s a virgin or not* – the manga was surprisingly good. The two fall in love and the sex is consensual. None of that “I AM SO UNHAPPY RIGHT NOW SO I’M GOING TO TAKE IT OUT ON YOU BY SHOVING MY VIBRATING PENIS IN YOUR SWEET SWEET HOLE – BE READY FOR MY SAD JIZZ!”

Her: :/ why?


Her: makes sense. Carry on, since I’m the main female lead in a smut and that means I just take it and interpret that force as love :)

Alex and Marie were super cute together. He just wanted to be a family (with him being the sole person left of his family – smut killed off his family, the way a shojo runs over its families) and Marie wanted the same thing ;___; I love how he cuddled with her and waited until she was ready to do the deed ~ (again, I’m pretending that beginning part didn’t happen). I like the three bishis Alex had as his posse. Would have loved to see more of them tho. Maybe in the novel they have more appearances?

The overall ride was super chill. Even when the bad guy appeared, a gun to the face quickly made him give up his attempts at Marie’s boobs.

The epilogue was in novel form but surprisingly I was able to get the gist of things. It was about Alex and Marie’s wedding ~ Alex’s posse got them fancy wine to celebrate their marriage…or, they tell the couple, they could hold off until Marie was with child to celebrate *all of them wiggle their eyebrows* xD

In the end, I really like this manga. I was worried what with Marie’s ass hanging out on the cover and Alex looking like a rapist, things were going to be bad but nope, instead they were adorable x3 The art is wonderful ~ Especially the guys *thumbs up


*I’ll be honest. After seeing this in smut for the umpteenth time, I had to look it up if you could really tell if a girl was a virgin by shoving your fingers up her cooch. Cuz at the first manga, I was like, you’re an idiot, dude. But after 4-5 of this happening, it got me wondering if maybe I was the fool. But the internet has confirmed to me that you can’t really, unless it was like really recent, and you do it by looking, not prodding around with one’s meat fingers.
Look, I didn’t have the best sex education. I remember coming out of the class trying to figure out where my prostate was – because that’s how dumb my sex education was.

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