At least the strep let me finish FFX

Hello everyone,

Been awhile. I was hoping to make at least one weekly post on my blog but life had other plans. Since the last time I posted, I went back home to visit my father who was going through surgery (nothing serious thankfully!) and I was going to look after him for a few days. I came back and then started to feel sick. Long story short, a visit to the doctor’s showed I had strep hur. Also, I caught the cold on top of strep. Double awesome. Thus I’ve been secluded away at home, drinking all the soups, coughing up all the phlegm, and playing lots of video games ~

[Imma gonna be talking about FFX (spoils) so if you’re not interested, you can skip this bit :J]


(quick doodle from my memory…lol at how different they are actually xD)

I finally got to beat FFX. Boy was it a trip. I liked the first half, though why everyone kept Tidus in the dark about the truth of the whole journey was kinda dumb. But once Tidus was in on the secret, that’s when things got weird. First there was the random wedding (where?). Then shortly after was the underwater make out scene, which was beautiful, but oh so random (and how they didn’t drown, I’ll never know). We get to Mount Gagazet and the Ronzo there flex their biceps screaming, WE R TUFF MUSCLES. THE LESS WE WEAR THE STRONGER WE ARES. WE SHALL FIGHT THE YU YEVONS AFTER YOU. THEY SHALL NOT PASS.
They promptly get massacred and the bad guys do pass.
About 30 Seymour battles later, we get to Zandarkand. We learn the truth about the final summoning to which Yuna was like, no f dat.

Yunalesca: your dad had no problem

Yuna: don’t –



Then cuz Yuna still refuses to go along with Yunalesca’s plan, Yunalesca decides death is the only solution (because she’s a woman of extreme decision making). So we kill her after she turns into this giant head (wut). We leave and there’s Sin chillin outside.
But I didn’t know that was Sin.
For the longest time, I didn’t realize the roided up gecko was Sin! I thought that was his BFF or something.
Don’t look at me…

Rikku’s dad pops up in this giant flying ship. Gecko Sin leaves, not sure if in disappointment that we didn’t kill him or happy because hopefully that means we’ll kill him later and end everything. Yuna’s crew hops on the giant flying ship. Everyone is freaking out because we just killed the only known way to put Sin in timeout for 10 years before going cray again.
Tidus, being the chipper main character, dances and fist pumps about how they’ll find a plan.

Rikku: like how you found a plan to keep Yuna alive?

Tidus: hey, things worked out in the end, didn’t they?

The crew go to Bevelle to asks the monks what they know. The priests pretty much are out. One tells us about Yu Yevon and how we need to fuck his asshole up but then leaves.
With that tid-bit, Tidus remembers Sin likes the sound of the hymn of fayth. At this point, everyone is like, fuck it. We’ll sing the song and just shoot the shit out of Sin.

[Here I did a bunch of side quests and painful, painful mini games to get my ultimate weapons and level up my characters.]

We head to Sin and shoot off his gecko arm while singing.

Me:hmm…this feels weird, seeing as how I just went from doing races to now shooting off lizard arms…

I think we force Sin to crash land in Bevelle where he then weirdly lands on top these pokey buildings and from my view, settles so one of them pokes his butt hole.

Me: …Tidus, I have so many questions about your father now


Sin suddenly grows wings because that’s what giant FFX gecko guys do. He fights us again with his head since he got no arms and we smash him. Then, we somehow get absorbed into his body and apparently he needs to see a doctor cuz (aside from being a gecko) a giant body of water covered in symbols and mist, plus a labyrinth of darkness and icicle minigames should not be present in one’s inners.
And Seymor
Fucking Seymor was there
Like dude, button your shirt and go home
I’m not your mother
Stop clinging


Once you battle Seymor once again and complete the very random minigame, Yuna’s summons tell her it’s time to kill them so Yu Yevon can’t use them anymore and they can sleep. We murder the aeons – I kept Yojimbo last cuz that was my bro (he saved me so many times with that cheap shot of his lol). With them dead, Yu Yevon appears and…he’s just a tick with two pillars floating next to him…


No final dialogue. No taunts or dick grabs. Just…fight him (wish the Seymour battles were like this). He dies and his pillars smash him like well aimed slippers. He disintegrates with the pillars.
Auron peaces – still not sure how a dead guy aged but whatever.
Tidus says peace too, since he’s just a dream of the fayth or whatever (and there’s no more fayth since we killed them all). His good-bye was super awkward tho – gotta go bye. No explanation on why he’s leaving/pyro-ing. Yuna and him have a scene which is bittersweet but also kinda hilarious due to background characters (Wakka, wtf are you doing back there?). Tidus hurls his body into the clouds and high fives his dad.

And that is FFX.

After 10+ years, I finally can say I beat it. But now it’s time for the second game on this disc…FFX-2. Hopefully I get an explanation on why Yuna is suddenly wearing booty shorts and holds monthly Beyonce concerts, cuz FFX did not hint at any of this…unless I was too distracted by Wakka’s randomness in the background?

I’ll make a second post about what I’ve been reading and such since all I did here was blab about FFX haha. Oh and since this is posting today, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! =D

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