Hello everyone,

I had a great post lined up about what I’d been doing in September but then 3 weeks went by and now I’m like, welp, no sense in wasting time with that haha. Pretty much the gist is that I went on a vacation, crazy work stuff, social stuff, family visiting, and more crazy work stuff :p

I’m just posting to show I’m alive and I’ll be adding some mag posts in a few ~ I started reading Love Jossie #7 so expect a post sometime in the future. Looks like the mag is dipping its toes back into the wtf…oh Jossie…

I’ll end by saying a RS sale happened for VIZ things. It’s been my goal now to buy older series I’d missed out on with ShojoBeat before they go OOP. I really wanted Lovely Complex but unfortunately a good chunk of the volumes are OOP :( (but thankfully I found almost all of the series at a used book store! Just missing the elusive and pricey vol 13 ^^;). With this sale, I got Otomen, S.A., and St. Dragon Girl, plus some one shots (WANTED and Tail of the Moon). I’m eyeballing Dengeki Daisy, The Devil and Her Love Song, and Story of Saiunkoku for the next sale but that won’t be for a while (my wallet: *starts to seize at the thought*).

Until next time! ( ゚▽゚)/

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