Manga Egg and Comic Berry

Manga Egg
(I was debating if I was going to publish this post or not but I figured why the hell not? I’ve been trying to give more exposure to digital mags so why exclude this one?)

What an interesting name for a magazine haha. This was a random find when sniffing in the “new releases” section. The cover is what attracted my eye. The art was rough but I liked the use of color.

I tried to look online for more info on just what Manga Egg was but I just got weird hits. But from what I could gather, Manga Egg is a magazine that features pieces from students who go to this certain manga school. I’m not sure why – I kept getting redirected to the school – but how interesting is that? (^▽^)

Thus heads up – pretty much everything in the magazine is crude and unpolished but that’s not a bad thing. Like finding the earlier works of an author or manga-ka you like, you can see these folk will go places the more they practice and horn their craft :)

Sadly the magazine didn’t have furigana so I could only halfway enjoy the stories. But there were a couple of shorts that’ll tickle the sides. I think my favorite was the magical girl one – but instead of a pretty outfit, the girl gets turned into a buff hotdog man w fish lips. It’s hilarious seeing this gangster meat stick pigeon toe and start crying xD

A second issue was released about a month or two ago. I guess the magazine is yearly?

Also new was something called Comic Berry. The first issue was free so I decided to give it a try.

It’s smut josei magazine. There are 4 stories inside. First is about this girl whose twin was dating her boss but then dumped his ass. However, the boss was like, fuck that, and mistook the main girl for his love interest – glad to see he can tell the difference between the two – you have one girl who works for you and another who doesn’t. Whatever. Anyway, he’s like, you ain’t leaving me or my little friend and sticks his dick into her. The main girl just lays on her back, legs spread, not questioning anything until after it was done (him: yeah, we ain’t breaking up. Not after that romp :J). She goes to her sister who is like, yeah go for it. Enjoy my sloppy seconds.
Me: ?????????

The second series is about office worker tension. Nothing in this chapter but you know someone is going to be bent over the company printer here soon.

I can’t really remember if it was the 3rd or last series, but one involves drunk sex and the other was kinda interesting because it had a plot.

I think the mag is biweekly and costs like…$2? I’m already good with Love Jossie (plus this digital mag is already 6 volumes deep haha) but if anyone is interested, you can find the mag here:

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