Aria 10.2016

This was actually ready like back in September but eyyyyyyyyy. It’s here and that’s all that matters :p I have no thoughts to type up here because it’s been so long :B


Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de 6 (Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time 6) by Mizuno Tohko
Nanatsu no Taizai Production (The Seven Deadly Sins Production) by Suzuki Nakaba
Hatsukoi Monster (First Love Monster) by Hiyoshimaru Akira
Ano Natsu by Chika
Kakei no Alice (Alice in Murderland) by Yuki Kaori
Watanuki-san ni wa Boku ga Tarinai by Toyama Ema
Usotsuki Boyfriend (Fake Boyfriend) by Kirishima Sou
Gokurakuchou Dead End by Kuore Yui
Yagi-kun to Mei-san by Bikke
Kimi to Tokei to Uso no Tou (You, the Clock, and the Fake Tower) by Ayasaki Shun, Nishinoki Hara
Kotou no Oni by naked ape
Monmon Mononoke by Kurumatani Haruoko
Prison Hearts by Suruga Hikaru
Rabukome no Baka (A Fool’s Love Comedy) by Sakurai Shushushu
Oyasumi Jack the Ripped (Goodnight, Jack the Ripper) by Ninimiya Ai, Nao Ikuhiro
Granpa (Grandpa?) by Ootsu Yuki
Sengoku Vamp by Hoonoki Sora
Ensemble Stars! by Happy Elements K.K., Sayo Ichi
Inferno by RURU, Takadono Madoka
Ouji ga Watashi o Akiramenai! by Asada Nikki
Shi ni Tagari to Hibari by Yamanaka Hiko
Kageoni by Ayashi Chihiro

Cover Pages: Part I/Part II/Part III


As always, the preview section is never helpful ^^; We have a new series from Aya Shouoto. I think she’s a woman who needs to be working on multiple series at once. It’s just how she rolls. I remember back when she did S.L.H., wasn’t she dancing with Barajou no Kiss too? Then S.L.H. ended and she started He’s My Only Vampire…with like, Super Darling hovering in the background at some point? Then Barajou left us and now we have The Demon Prince of Momochi House.
Anyway, I’m curious to see what this new title holds (Chouchou Jiken – The Butterfly Incident) :)


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