Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2 (Sylph 02.2016)


Bokura no Himitsu Chapter 2

“Even Players Have Worries, too.”

The protagonist of this new chapter is Asaka Reo. Now that dude from the last chapter has come out as a man who gets hard for shapely thighs, Reo is the new most popular man in town. Reo himself just can’t fathom why ALL THE THIGHS!!! would sacrifice his popularity with the ladies. Sure dude has a girlfriend but shit, she ain’t no diamond. Definitely not someone worth lowering yourself for. But oh well, more ladies for Reo~


As Reo gets ready to leave school, two beauties on either side of him, he explains to us readers that for all men, there is one thing they want – to be popular with the ladies. This way, when it comes to dating or marriage (or getting that BJ!), you have your pick of the litter. You could say the whole experience is like buying a pair of shoes – you try a pair on and see if you like them. And if you don’t, you return them for another pair.

(wow Reo, you’re really selling yourself as a great guy…( ̄□ ̄))

Sure he talks big for a virgin (one of his biggest shames right now in his mind (•᷄⊱•᷅ ;)), but you can’t just thrust your dick into any pussy that comes rubbing against ya. You have to find the right girl – the right beauty! One you find the prettiest, it’ll all work out from there. Yup yup!

A voice calls out to him before he’s completely out of the school building. He turns to see a classmate of his – she nervously tells him they’ve got a meeting as committee members of the whatever.

The girls with Reo tell him to skip but despite the last 3 paragraphs about him describing his horrible views on men and women, Reo is a man who sticks to his commitments. He tells the girls he’ll catch them later, much to their pouting.

The classmate apologizes and Reo waves her apology off with a lol. The girl’s name is Minamitani Kotoko. She’s a very timid girl who doesn’t talk much. Hell, he forgot who she was honestly. Thank goodness there was a text next to his head with her name and year. Also, because he’s Reo, he wonders if she’s in love with him – I mean, he was a great catch after all ~

But something about her…urks him.

Two boys call out to Kotoko. They’re also members of this committee. However, they are worthless sacks of meat for they pretty much tell Kotoko, we’re not helping, have a nice day :D

Kotoko: :(


Reo gets peeved and tells Kotoko she should have told them to sit their asses down and stay with them. What she needs to do is look them in the eye and say STOP BEING A WASTE OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS AND CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, YOU STUPID TOE JAMS.

Kokoto: (ó﹏ò。) uh

Kotoko tells Reo that it may be easy for him to say something like that, but for Kotoko, she’s not sure she has the confidence to call someone a piece of shit. Reo responds by putting his face right up against Kotoko’s, freaking her out. He smiles and tells her it’s better to hold her head high. Throw in a smile and a hip waggle, and the boys will bow at her feet.

Kotoko: (ó﹏ò。)


He tells her to believe in herself little by little. Soon, she’ll be stepping on boys in stilettos and having them bark on command. Kotoko, moved by his encouraging words, tells Reo he’s a good guy. Reo’s like, yeah I know but don’t fall for me (cuz you ugly)

(damn Reo…damn)

She laughs but tells him he’s got nothing to worry about. She’s not his type.

Reo stares at her more and grumbles in his head about what a waste she is. She reminds him of back when he was in middle school. Just remembering those days makes him want to vomit, eat that vomit, and then shit it out.

(hey I hear you Reo. For once we can agree on something – middle school is a dark place. A dark horrible place…filled with kids who like to make other kids break…)



Their activities complete, Reo and Kotoko leave their separate ways for home. However, Reo remembers that today is the day his book comes out – or more specifically, his shojo manga. See, Leo has a secret (otherwise he wouldn’t be the protagonist of chapter 2) – he loves manga. When he was younger, his parents moved to California where people saw his hobbies and called him a loser. No one wanted to be near him because he was a grumpy Asian (wut?) and he felt like a stupid turd. However, spin up to his parents returning to Japan, and suddenly he’s popular because apparently only Asians can appreciate Asian bishiness (-__-; is this how Japan thinks of the US…). Being told he’s a hot piece of meat that all the girls want to eat boasted his confidence. But he made sure NONE of them knew he loved manga. He can’t go back. He just can’t –

“Senpai, good evening”

Reo screams and drops a load in his pants. KOTOKO???

Oh no. There’s no hiding what he’s doing. Shit, what’s wrong with him. Why didn’t he just buy the book off amazon and save this embarrassment? Now the whole world is going to know he likes reading Sparkles and Tiaras, and he’ll never get laid, and it’ll always be table for one, and –

Kotoko: Are you a fan of Sparkles and Tiaras too? I love that series! :D

Reo: :O





The two start nerding out about the manga and 3 hours go by. The two start heading home since it’s now like 3 in the morning. Kotoko tells Reo she’s happy to find another fan and Reo’s excitement starts to dwindle. He asks if she’s disappointed in him. I mean, he reads Sparkles and Tiaras… He’s supposed to be the stud…not the dork.

Kokoto: Well, I am disappointed because your OTP is shit and your waifu can suck my dong, but in you? No.

Not convinced, he tells Kotoko his sob story about the mean Americans and their judgment (I think it’s just society in general dude…). Kotoko smiles and tells Reo she didn’t know he had a past like that, given how happy he is right now with her. She adds she thinks happiness is like a seed. Right now she’s got issues with her self-esteem but she hopes to work on that and bloom with her own happiness!


The part ways and Reo stares after her in surprise. He’s also looking at himself in surprise cuz…

[What the. Dude, I can’t be serious. I think she’s…cute??]

 “Totally not my type tho…”

Girl: “Huh?”

The scene changes to the next day. Reo is out hanging with some pretty girl during break. He’s trying to rationalize why he thought he was even for one second attracted to Kotoko. It was the fangirling. Having someone to fangirl with made him delusional for a bit to the point where he thought she was actually someone he wanted to date. But thankfully time and some Arby’s later, he’s back to normal. No, the girls he should be lusting over should be like the one next to him – pretty and simple as shit!

Yup! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

… ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

Yup? ╭(・_・)و



It’s the end of the day. Turd #1 and Turd #2 find Kotoko and try to weasel their way out of their membership duties. Reo happens to be walking by and stares at Kotoko, though she can’t see him. Will this bitch cave?

Kotoko suddenly looks up and meets both their gazes – please stop being human trash and do your work (ó﹏ò。)

Them: :/


When asking nice doesn’t work, go to plan B: bitch about it and slowly slink away. However, Reo pops up in front of them, blocking the little farts’ escape. He suddenly starts bitching them out in English (oh Engrish). The flatulences get scared and run away, screaming in broken English: AI KNO SPEEKED DA ENGRSH.

Reo explains to a blushing Kotoko that if you speak fast English to a Japanese person, the Japanese person will get scared and run away.

(uh Reo, it don’t matter the ethnicity, if some dude came screaming at me in his native tongue, I’d be running in the opposite direction too >__>)

Reo pats Kotoko on the head and tells her she did a great job. This doesn’t help her blush at all – it intensifies to the point where even Reo is like o__o?


Kotoko tells Reo that even though he told her not to fall for him, she finds herself thinking she wants to get to know him better…. Would that be ok?  Reo stares in surprise, conflicted. He likes Kotoko but he can’t go back to who he was. If she’s with him, they’ll all think he’s a loser too… (fuck, Reo!) As his heart battles with his brain on what to do, his mouth does the talking:

“I’m sorry…”



It’s after school. Reo is walking home with the girl from earlier. She’s a bit concerned because he’s not acting like his usual player self.

Reo: it’s cuz I can’t shake this feel…that I’m a stupid cunt

Her: ? I have no idea what you’re talking about but how about we go to my place? My parents aren’t home. I’ll get you flying high, baby. *grabs his dick and winks*

Reo perks a bit at that. Yeah man. Screw this. Reo only has to worry about Reo. Not no nerd. And it’s Reo’s dick that needs some tender love and care. With this girl by his side, not only will his dick rise, but so will his popularity. Yeah! YEAH!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Someone crosses their path – it’s Kotoko! She takes in the scene before her and quickly leaves. BJ asks who the girl was – she seemed kind of dorky. But at that moment, in Reo’s head, all his laid out plans to get some puss start to crumble under the slow realization that pretending to hide who he is for some head is stupid and wrong. Plus they have 6 pages left to form a resolution to his issue…

Reo asks BJ what would happen if she found out he had slept with body pillows, fought with people on the internet over whose waifu is better, and crossed dressed as the main character from Sparkles and Tiara at conventions?

BJ: I didn’t understand even 25% of what you just said. But that sounds like things only losers do and you’re not a loser.

Reo: ;______; YES I AM! *pulls shirt open to reveal the themed Sparkles and Tiara bra he was wearing*

BJ: (ΟΔΟ;)


He leaves the girl and goes running after Kotoko. As he runs, he tells us readers he and those girls he’s been lusting over were the same – we only cared about a person’s appearance. Screw their innards. Don’t be real. Be fake. But…


Up ahead he sees Kotoko, who is trying to dry her tears. He screams her name, causing Kotoko to turn around in surprise. Without hesitation, Reo throws his lips onto her face and sucks deep.



Her: of course, you stupid shit! ;___;

Him: yay!

Her: PS. Love the bra. I’m wearing the same one.

“I want to experience true love…with you.”


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