B’s Log Comics vol. 43 August 2016


Yeahhhhhhh, if I spelled all the titles and manga-ka names wrong for this issue…ehhhhhh. Peeps should have made things simple for fools like me who can’t read kanji too well haha :p So just FYI, take the table of contents with a grain of salt hur.
Up next is a preview of the B’s Log August 2016 issue ~ If you’re interested, the magazine is available digitally on bookwalker :)
I love the cover. The beach reminds me of Hawaii ;___; good stuff. The beaches here are shit. Cold and dirty. I remember going to visit and just seeing trash float about. I can only pray for those people who were fishing in the green brown water, intending to dine on their catches…


Honya-san no Onii-san (The Bookseller’s Demons) by Momotan
Isekihakkutsujijou wa Orawanai: Hourai no Umihisui (?) – The Somber Archaeological Dig: The Sea Kingfisher of Mount Penglai by Mutsuki Munku, Kuwabara Mizuna
Kamisama Gohan ~ Koryouri Takamagahara ni Youkoso (Food of the Gods: Welcome to Koryouri Takamagahara) by Saori
Tantei-Chuudoku (~Sleuth-aholic) by Kashio
Ayakashi Kekkonsoudansho (~Matchmaking Services for the Spiritual) by Miyao Nyun
Koumori no Yado (Koumori’s Lodging) by Ken Homerun
Kamisama no Goyounin (The Steward of God) by Yukimura, Asaba Natsu, Kuronokuro
Yume Oukoku to Nemuru 100-nin no Ouji-sama (The Dream Kingdom and the 100 Sleeping Princes) by Ichika(?) Hana, Sanata(?) Kazushi, Suketomo Seira (Sarah?), GCREST
GRANBLUE FANTASY Sou-Ken no Kizuna (The Bond of Two Swords) by Usagi Routo, Cygames
Kukuriyo no Shuku Ayakashi Oyado ni Yomeirimsasu (Lodgings for those in the Beyond: The Wedding at the Spirit Inn) by Koromo Wako, Yuuma Midori(?), Laruha
Bukayuukaiori – Haruhisadou no Kaikichou (The Bizarre World of Haruhisa Temple) by Magonote(?) Lamp, Manabe Takashi, Nihoshi Ten
Manekineko Jinja no Tentekomai na Hibi (The Busy Days over at Manekineko Shrine) by Yachimata Jun, Arima Kaoru, Yuuko
Ayakashi Hodoki-ya by Tokiwa Gin, Minasawa Kei, vient
Ofuton Boys/Off to On Boys by Kazukabe Akira
A Will by Konno
Fukaki-Gahou (The Pictorial of the Strange and Unseen) by Morino
Shounen Maid by Ototachibana
Log Horizon – Kanami, Go! East! by Touno Mamare, Kou
Sweets Concert – Amami Danshi no Hinichijou (The Daily Happenings of Sweet Boys) by Masayoshi

Cover Pages: Part I/Part II/Part III


In the next issue, we have the Real Time-Log starting….and that’s about it lol.

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