Hatsu Kiss 09.2016


Hello everyone! Hope all is well ~ I’m back from my vacation but I’m still taking another week off from work to rest and recover my sanity. Thus far I’ve been doing a much overdo spring cleaning in my apartment (who cares if it’s almost fall…it’s the thought that matters!). I’m sad by how many of my books are packed away in boxes due to lack of space :( I only have two shelves – one for ENG manga and a small one for JP manga and both are very full. One day, I’ll achieve my dream of having a little library x3 Until then, I have to gain all the valuable experience I can from this grossly underpaid job I have now so I can go elsewhere, outside of the city because this is not a life I want to continue with. Going back home made me miss the open space, the lack of crowds, and driving ~ I also missed my family, friends, and mutts :( In the city, everyone is rushing to go…somewhere. I love how back home we had time to do things and enjoy life.

Ah, sorry. Got a little homesick there! Anyway, without further ado, here is a Hatsu Kiss mini post :)


Batsukoi (Penalty Love?) by Tsukiko
Toumei na Yurikago – Sanfujinkain Kangoshi Minarai Nikki by Okita Bakka
Bokutachi no Koi ni Happy Ending Nante Iranai (Our Love doesn’t need no Happy Ending) by Yajima Fuyumi
Watshitachi no Tabi wo Suru (Our Travels // Maybe ~Onward Ho! :p) by Fukumaru Yasuko
Horii Shimai no Gogatsu by Okachimachi Hato
Aitakute Aitakute Rkujou no Miyasudokoro Version by Fukushima Haruka
Kanojotachi no Keshiki by Suzuhara Aki
Esper to Koi ni Ochiru by Joushiho
Steve Jobs by Yamazaki Mari
Kankaku Soda Fountain by Kari Sumako
17-sai no Tou by Fujisawa Moyashi
Koi ni Menkyo wa Iranee yo by Narahara Setsu
Houkagou Biblio-Battle by Satou Idumi
Mademoiselle Mu-Mu by Kyou Machiko
Hanayome Miman by Uramoto Yuuko
Sayonara Shikyuu by Okada Yuki
Poisson – Chouki Pompadour no Shougai by Koyama Yukari, Shimotsuki Kayoko
SNS-nochi Genjitu, Tokidoki Koi by Okamoto Tokasa

Cover pages: Part I/ Part II/ Part III


In the next issue, a new series is starting: Slow Heights no Kami-sama? Apparently the title is based off a popular book of the same name. And dat really it. I thought something was supposed to be ending in the next issue but there is no mention of what series that was in this preview. Ah well, we’ll see if I just imagined it or not :p

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