Backlog Attack Part II: Day 31

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #6 by Kajiyama Mika


In the last volume, Kaguya fell into a deep sleep, her consciousness now ruled by the princess in her dreams – Ito. However, thanks to Kazui, she regains control of her body once again. The two exchange vows of love…but Oriha may stand in the way of their happiness. Just what is the true motive behind all that he’s done…?


Holy snaps, I totally forgot everything in this last volume (maybe because I wasn’t really into the series once Towa-Hime left :p). Uh, let’s see. Kaguya learns more about the lady in her head – her sob story (the spirit that protects Kazui’s family was a woman who married Kazui’s ancestor and had a shit ton of babies with him but then he died and she remarried someone else. Revenants attacked her family and she skewed one of them, who turned out of be her first husband. She cried and I think caught on fire??). She’ like, I can’t let that shit happen again so I gotta take you out.

Kaguya: ???

But then Oriha (Oriha’s ancestor? The one who was asleep in the lilypad? I don’t know) appears and wants her purification power. In RL, Oriha stabs himself in the gut in front of everyone so he can became a Revenant cuz…uh, I don’t remember bc I wasn’t paying attention lol

Anyway, Kaguya uses the power of shojo to win his heart over. The lady in her head says fuck that and stabs the shit out of Oriha. But Oriha doesn’t die cuz onmyouji guy (forgot his name) does stuff and saves him. The lady in her head, her rage now taken out and herself affected by Kaguya’s shojo power, says all is good – no need to die.

So Kaguya returns, does this purification dance that calms the Revenants down and all of a sudden everyone likes her.

She quits school cuz her arm is fucked up (not sure what happened about fixing it a couple episodes back…) and instead goes to school to learn how to be a wife. She does and she gets married to Kazui who is like a super general now.

Oh, and onmyouji guy gets with Kaguya’s little 8 year old looking friend because he’s a closet pedophile. Only answer we need.

Overall, I’m kinda disappointed with the series. It was all over the place – we’d go one way but then teleport elsewhere and go down another path. Towa-Hime is never mentioned again. Fuck her armless self I guess? Helping out Oriha’s sister is just kicked to the side. Something must have happened cuz she was at that marriage school with Kaguya. Could we get some explanation on why Towa-Hime and crew were in Kaguya’s mind, wrapped up in plants?

Maybe it was mentioned but I was too :/ with everything to really pay attention.

One day, I’ll read this again, my vocabulary stronger and my attention better (so I’ll maybe find if there were answers to my questions…or maybe there just wasn’t shiz there in the first place :p), but for right now, this is going on the shelf to collect dust until I randomly come across it again.

And with that, I have successfully finished my Backlog Attack, Part II! :D (sucks this was the last title but hey, it is what it is) I’ll have to get started on Part III here soon, for as long as there are manga to read, a backlog shall exist! ~ Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you all found some titles that interested you! ^^

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