Backlog Attack Part II: Day 30

fullmoonengage3Full Moon Engage #3 by Rin Kouduki


Lina, a young girl from a noble family in Bercktis, met the handsome second prince Elwin at a royal ball and the two became fast friends. Due to the release of a belligerent wolf spirit that now inhabits Elwin’s brother, Granz, the two escaped and now journey to find a way to restore Granz to his old self.

During their travels, Prince Elwin slowly finds himself falling in love with Lina. However, before he has a chance to tell her of his feelings, his brother appears and kidnaps Lina! He wants her powers bestowed by the moon and he’ll get it any way he has to…even if it means forcing Lina to marry him!

What will happen in this final installment of Full Moon Engage!?


We finally get background story with the two wolf brothers. Long ago, they were as Elwin and Grantz when the series first started: the older brother ruling the people with the younger brother doing the nene on the sidelines. The older brother wanted the power of the moon for reasons and thus used his blood to find the Moon Princess since wiki didn’t exist in their time. They learn the princess was younger brother’s boo and he’s like, hell nah. He tried to escape with his girlfriend but Grantz’s wolf boys chased them down and killed the moon princess…oops. The younger brother, his girlfriend dead, gave up his fight and was brought back to his older brother who chopped the younger brother’s head off in rage.

And I guess the two harbored such intense feelings they somehow got trapped for hundreds of years as wolf spirits, waiting for the Moon Princess to appear again?

(Uh, actually, I’m not sure wtf was up with them becoming spirits. I think I missed that part or it wasn’t mentioned hur)

Anyway, the story wraps up nicely. Elwin is able to get the support of a bunch of nobles to kick his brother’s ass – cuz they angry Grantz became a cray son of a b – allowing him to storm the castle to find Lina. He rescues Lina and they finally admit their feelings for each other. They kiss and she gives him the power of the moon which they use to defeat Grantz – with the power of shojo ~

Since his brother is now known as the cray cray king (due to old brother wolf possessing him), Elwin falsifies that Grantz was killed in the fight, allowing Grantz to escape. This means Elwin is now first in line for the throne. After things settle down, he asks Lina to wait for him to become a better man and she tells him no problem – the time skip will help make things easy :J

We time skip (lol) ~ the two wolf spirits get reincarnated into wolves that chill with priest scientist bishi. Grantz lives out in a remote village with his fiancee now wife. They’re expecting their first borne soon x3 Sad hot knight bishi didn’t get mentioned much – is it wrong to say I hope he’s at a cafe and I bump into him :p Lina and Elwin get together of course and we end happily ~ Pure Disney x3

Overall, I greatly enjoyed Full Moon Engage. Wished it was longer, if only to enjoy the art (bishies!) and the Disney story line ~

Another Next Comic title down :J Only 1394823908 more to go haha ~

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