Backlog Attack Part II: Day 28

fullmoonengage copy
Full Moon Engage #2 by Rin Kouduki


Lina, a young girl from a noble family in Bercktis, met the handsome second prince Elwin at a royal ball and the two became fast friends. Due to the release of a belligerent wolf spirit that now inhabits Elwin’s brother, Granz, the two escaped and now journey to find a way to restore Granz to his old self.

Their adventures continue in this second volume.

(wow what a shitty summary :Y)


We continue our adventures with the dueling spirit wolves and finding the Moon Princess. Added to the party list in this second volume is an easy on the eyes ex-knight. Much appreciated :J For the most part, we’re just wandering around until the end when we learn, surprise surprise, Lina is the Moon Princess. That’s when Elwin’s brother comes out of the woodwork to attack and steal Lina from the boy’s club. Now Elwin needs to man up and get his girl back, or he gonna die a virgin.

In addition to Mr. Hot Potato Knight, we also get introduced to Granz’s fiancée. I feel super bad for her because she obviously loves the brother but he’s too possessed to be reached ;___; I hope for a happy ending. We’re one volume left and hopefully we get some background story on wtf is going on.

There was a wtf moment when we learn that in order to become super strong, Elwin has to kiss Lina, the Moon Princess, so her powers can flow into him. However, both are special tulips and think the other only is going through with the kiss ritual for the sake of the world not being destroyed by an angry wolf spirit, not cuz they like them. This hesitation is what allows Granz to come in and smooch Lina, making him super powerful and stalling the series out one more volume haha

Granz: haha, suck it dweeb ~

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