Backlog Attack Part II: Day 27

tig hug
Chigu Hagu Planet (Tig-Hug Planet or Odd Couple(?) Planet) by Meguro Amu


A sweet love between a weirdo and a girl who acts more motherly than she should.

Eri is a girl who has a good head on her shoulders. She worries about her friends and mothers them, maybe a bit too much. One day, her class receives a new transfer student. His name is Nokina. Eri, worried about the new boy, volunteers to show him around campus.
She thinks he’s a normal until he tells her he believes dwarfs are the reason a vending machine runs…huh????
Now that she knows he’s a space case, how can Eri ignore her motherly instinct to watch over Nokina…or is there something more driving her?


An adorable shojo, as expected of Meguro Amu. Everything in the manga is precious – the art, the story, the characters, even the clothing ~ Honestly there’s nothing much to say about the manga, other than you’ll get diabetes from how cute everything is.

Oh wait, there was only one part in the story that did kinda annoy – when Eri kept avoiding Nokina cuz she was embarrassed by how she now liked him. It got to the point where her friends told her he probably will get the wrong idea and think she hates him…
And sure enough, he did lol.

But thankfully, things worked out ~ That was the only real bump in the road that stuck in my mind.

All in all, a very cute read :)

PS. I’m amused by how many “mother-type” main characters I’ve found in just this one little sitting. I think I like Golden Apple‘s mother-type character a bit more, if only cuz I was really into the story :p Not to say Eri was bad or the story for Tig-Hug sucked. But with Tig-Hug, you’re calmly strolling a candy shop, dazzled by all the colors and treats while with Golden Apple, you were slamming your face into a cake and eating it without your hands haha

PSS. Apparently Eri and Nokina make an appearance in Meguro Ame’s other work, Honey (or Honey so Sweet) :J

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