Backlog Attack Part II: Day 26

kyou moKyou mo Aitsu wa Marukatta (lit. She’s Still Large/Round D:) by Yuki Nojin


A love story about a big girl with a big heart (o__O;).

Shiramaru Reika is a freshman high schooler who is a little on the plump side. Her one wish is to get close to the boy she admires – Fukasawa-senpai. To do that, she decides to get chummy with his younger brother, who you wouldn’t think was related to Fukasawa-senpai at first (or second, or third) glance. Where his brother is popular and outgoing, Hideto is gloomy and critical. In fact, his first words to the young girl are “I hate girls and I hate chubs!” But thankfully the always positive Reika takes no offense and continues to interact with him, much to Hideto’s annoyance and confusion. Is she just using him like all the other girls before her…or is this attempt at friendship genuine?

Also included is the volume is the prototype story for the popular” Aoyama Tsukiko desu!” series.


(oh snaps this turned out to be insanely long. Reason why you shouldn’t write posts before bed haha)

This was a weird manga honestly….

The tank is broken into 3 parts. The first part follows Reika and her love(?) adventure. As seen from the summary she’s interested in this Fukasawa-senpai, but so are all the womb warriors (wow did I really just write that. I’m definitely in need of sleep lol). Thinking herself sly, she decides to get close to her beloved senpai’s little brother. Only, others before her have tried the same tactic and he’s tired of that shit. Hideto thinks being an ass will get her to turn tail quick – for it’s served him well in the past – but Reika has a special trait to her: she’s more positive than a proton. All her life people have told her she’s awesome and there’s nothing wrong with her. Thus she can’t understand when someone is talking bad about her. Rather her head weirdly rationalizes things so the negatives become positives.

Naturally Hideto is concerned because wtf I just called you large

Her: more to love :J

Him: D:/

Reika’s positivity isn’t the only thing that confuses him. It’s also her popularity. She has lots of friends who laugh with her and share their meals with her. When they’re alone, he asks if they’re truly her friends – or are they just fattening her up so they can laugh about her behind her back. Because people suck.

Her: ? :J

Him: are you reaching out to me for my brother or cuz you need help?

Reika tells him to cool it but Hideto is all levels of paranoia and tells her that his brother has a girlfriend and even if he didn’t, he only goes after girls that won’t crush him if they sat on his chest.

Reika: :J maybe your brother is into that

Him: ahhhhhh!

Things get stupid all of a sudden when Hideto kicks a pebble in frustrated anger and it gently taps the foot of a thug. He gets all angry because apparently Hideto just threw the gloves down with that pebble. As Hideto starts to soak his Hanes underwear in the fluids of his bladder, Reika appears and tells the thug to cool it – cuz the weather is just so fine ~

Bully: what? Get the fuck away from me, fatty.

And for some reason, despite being called “chubs” and “large,” Reika falls to the ground crying, her positivity killed – someone called her a fatty.

Me: ?????????

Hideto gets angry seeing her sad and yells at the bully that she’s chubby, not fat, and he and Reika run away. This event makes them friends and we roll to part two (thus the ? on the “love adventure” part).

Part two follows Hideto. He’s still the little ass louse we all know from part one, but now we get an inside look into his head and damn, does this kid need medication. He’s both comedic and depressed along with grumpy and sad. Where are the mood stabilizing pills, cuz this ride is making me dizzy!

In part two, Hideto realizes he likes Reika (where that came from, I don’t know…) and spends the whole time whining about it and being a fart, even to the point of telling Reika to leave him alone since she’s got his brother’s attention finally and doesn’t need him no more. Oh, and speaking of bro – damn, he’s a little turd too! When Reika tells him about how salty Hideto is being, the older brother tells her to forget his puss filled pimple of a brother cuz he got issues. Like shit, now I know where the lack of confidence and quills come from!

Where the older brother had been loved and showered in goods, Hideto was shunned and ignored cuz no one likes a megane lol wtf

Reika gets pissed and is ready to slam the older brother with her girth (fuck you senpai) but Hideto stops her – he’d been listening from the shadows. He runs off with her in tow since that seems to be his only available move set. He tells Reika had she really body slammed his brother, his brother would hate her.

Reika: yo fuck that beautiful shit stain. I ain’t interested no more.

Hideto: ;___;

They become friends again but then Hideto is like, nah I want more. I like you. *CORNERS AGAINST A WALL* DO YOU LOVE ME TOO!?

Me: D:/

Then you have part three which is the prototype chapter that eventually lead to the serialization of “Aoyama Tsukiko desu!” Since I’ve already read the serialized version, this one shot looked…horrible in comparison. Things jumped around too much for example. One minute the characters would be eating and have this heavy conversation, then you flip the page and 2 days have gone by and Tsukiko does a funny.

Me: am I missing pages because literally the sentence didn’t finish??

Also, rather than reveal everything upfront about Tsukiko’s amnesia and what’s his face’s family drama like in the serialization, everything was kept towards the end for an “emotional” impact I guess? But really, it just made the trip to that point awkward because the whole time you think these kids are just having a seriously bad case of puberty hormones haha

In the end, I didn’t really enjoy this tank :( The art was hella cute, which is why I got it. But the content…emm. For the first two stories, I didn’t really like Hideto because he’d always be saying shit like “I always thought large people went through life with no confidence in themselves” or “how can she be so fat if all she eats are vegetables?” *sees all the friends give Reika food,and her with chicken legs and shit hanging out of her mouth* “Ok, that’s more what I imagined.”

Only in a shojo can you get away with that.

I think he was supposed to be comedic but it didn’t really get conveyed like that >___> plus he was so dramatic. He cried more (internally) than the main girl. Reika herself was Tsukiko level weird. Which can be hit or miss depending on how you approached “Aoyama Tsukiko desu!” I liked Tsukiko so Reika was ok for me, except when she had a mental breakdown over someone calling her a fatty. That came out of nowhere since before she had been strong and brushed off any insults Hideto threw her way. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to bond with Reika much since Hideto took the reins in part two and actually now that I think about it, had the most scenes in part one. Shit, was Reika even the main heroine? At that point, Hideto should have just been given the leading role haha

All in all…yeah >__>

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