Backlog Attack Part II: Day 25

yukueSuper cute tank – nothing heavy at all inside which makes for a nice light read. We have 3 shorts…well, I guess 4, since the 4th is a spin off of one of the shorts. The first follows a 29 year old man who is living each day with no purpose. He was a manga-ka but lost all inspiration and desire for his career choice when his manga got cancelled. However, a new neighbor next door helps him to remember what it’s like to dream and wanting to see one’s dreams become reality. I liked the message of no matter how old you are, you are never too late to make your dreams come true :3 There is a spin-off short that focuses on the 29 year old man’s editor. At first I thought I wasn’t going to like the spin-off cuz the editor looked like a flamboyant butt but surprisingly I felt for him. See, he was a big fan of the manga-ka’s work and was devastated when the manga-ka stopped publishing. That made him not want to be too involved with people and instead he laughed off things with a smile. However, he learns he can’t keep jumping away from his problems and learns to take his job more seriously. I loved it when he cried over hearing the manga-ka saying he was coming back to draw again :3 dwah!

Short #2 follows two unlikely friends: a super shy girl who likes to draw and a cool older brother type with abandonment issues. The girl tries to make friends with her classmates and the older brother friend gets paranoid she’ll leave him like his dad.

Her: what?

Him: I’m also going to have a 180 in my personality and start crying into the pants I just took off and am wearing on my head.

Wasn’t a bad short…just things got weird with the older brother friend o__O;

Short #3 was the cutest of them all. Every time it rains, the cleaning club rears into action to dry the hallways of wet puddles and clean dirt cuz why not. The only member of the cleaning club drags in scary rumored to have eaten a whole litter of puppies in front of its mother thug student who turns out to be super dork haha. The girl’s sweet personality and his cute dorkness made the short really friggin adorable. Think this was my favorite of the three, just cuz it was so fluffy ~

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