Backlog Attack Part II: Day 24

Ichiban-Boshi Kirari (First Star Light) #2 by Sugata Uri


Rinri is in love with her teacher, Oka-sensei. He has been a calming presence in her life as she tries to adjust to her new environment. Not wanting her newly acknowledged feelings to get in the way of their current relationship, Rinri decides the best course of action is to keep them locked away in her heart.

It helps that Rinri has finally made some friends! One of them is Sekai, a playboy who chases after anything in a skirt. Thanks to him, Rinri is able to see another side of Oka-sensei but it’s also because of him, her feelings for Oka-sensei are revealed inadvertently!


What resolution will follow, now that the truth is out?


Ok, this actually ended better than I thought it would. Honestly, I was cringing. I never feel comfortable reading these teacher romances. However, if more teachers were like Oka-sensei, then I’d probably not be so creeped out by the whole genre.

In this volume, Rinri wholeheartedly accepts her feels for Oka-sensei but is happy to keep them to herself and enjoy their time together. That’s all ruined when a playboy classmate of hers figures out her feels. Turns out this classmate has a thing for her. She’s different from the girls before and he’s interested. His antics are what get Rinri and Oka-sensei closer but also breaks them at a certain point.

Besides her feelings for Oka-sensei, Rinri is also trying to push herself to get out of her shell and make friends. She succeeds, much to my happiness :3 I’m so glad this lonely minnow got herself a crew ~ There’s a bit of drama with one of the friends liking the playboy guy but meh no one cares. She and Rinri work through that and we all move on ~

I’m grateful the manga-ka gave us an explanation on why Oka-sensei was split personality-ing. Before, when he was a new shoe fresh from the factory, he had a student who didn’t attend his class. Because he was new and still had passion to care, he’d visit her everyday at her house and was able to convince her to return to school. They hang out a lot and unfortunately, this lead her to fall for him. But Oka-sensei was like, I’m not going to jail, and she quit school as a result. This hurt him a lot because he reckoned had he kept his tits out of her business/not cared as much, none of this would have happened. Thus he went extreme and became scary Oka-sensei, zero fucks given. Thanks to Rinri, he meets with his past, and is able to move on, becoming normal Oka-sensei. He acknowledges he has feels for Rinri but tells her he ain’t doing shit until she’s 18 – being a sexual predator is not a life choice he is willing to make. She agrees and they’re happy ~

I forgot but I like Oka-sensei’s bros. They’re hilarious. During an outing, they pressure Oka-sensei to be honest about his feels and when he does, they’re all, ewwww you pedo! :p Him: DIE!

In the end, I’m ok with Ichiban-Boshi Kirari. Since the romance was subtle, and Oka-sensei didn’t embrace that child offender status for a quick boob honk, the ride was a calm one. A time jump would have been nice but hey, it is what it is :J

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