Backlog Attack Part II: Day 23

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #4 by Kajiyama Mika


Tokuwaga Kazui’s Protector – Higuchi Naotada – has the power to purify Revenants. But just how did these two meet?

With the events of the banquet behind them, life turns back to normal for our crew. Except for Kaguya. Not only can she not wield a sword no more, but she’s become the target of Reimeikan Academy’s students!?


How awkward to have Towa-hime on the cover of #4 when she’s pretty much just out for this volume. Would have been better to have her on cover #3 and Higuchi here on #4 instead, since half of volume #4 is dedicated to Higuchi’s past. Quite shocking how different Higuchi was in his youth. How’d he become such a dork??

The rest of the volume deals with everyone suddenly hating Kaguya – the boys jealous she can swing a sword and the girls even more jelly because she was Oruha’s dance partner. Not sure why everyone is all of a sudden being stupid petty when there are fucking ghosts out there tearing shit up… :/
Oruha shows up and does a sneaky…and by sneaky, I mean kiss Kaguya as he chokes her into an unconscious state. He does this to steal her magical sword that 4 volumes in hasn’t been explained but this backfires when the sword refuses to be wielded by him. The tank ends with Kaguya awakening…but it’s not Kaguya…it’s the lady in her head. WILL WE FINALLY GET ANSWERS????

And yeah…that’s it. The most memorable thing for me in this tank was Towa-hime sending Gerald a letter (not sure how cuz she ain’t got no arms now…), telling Gerald she’s coming to get his ass <3 As fucked up as he was, I hope he can find happiness. I blame Oruha for whisper dark thoughts into the poor man’s head. He should have acted on those thoughts but hey, he only had 1 volume to get his shit done and over with so… *shrugs*

I’m really disappointed how quickly Towa-hime was kicked out of the story :( I really liked her. She was a super strong onee-san character who would have been a great friend for Kaguya. Sure we get the tiny squirt with curls to hang with Kaguya but it’s not the same :( She only appears to butt heads with Higuchi and then disappear when Kaguya needs some sisterly help…

Oh and nothing much on the romance. Kaguya still thinks the kiss was all in her head and she should be ashamed of herself for wanting to touch Kazui’s penis. Kazui himself would probably benefit from a handjob cuz he’s just all quills :/ Don’t blame him since shit is looking bad and nothing is getting done…

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