Backlog Attack Part II: Day 22

Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku #3 by Kajiyama Mika


Reimeikan Academy, attended by protagonist Tachibana Kaguya and her lord Tokugawa Kazui, is currently abuzz with preparations for its annual banquet. Oruha is up to something and Kaguya is assigned to keep an eye on him…by playing his partner in the big waltz piece!

Then, there’s Mechanical Engineer Gerald who wishes to create the ultimate Revenant controlled robot…by turning Towa-hime into that Revenant!!

This will definitely be a banquet to talk about for years to come if Kaguya and Kazui don’t find a way to stop these crazy plans!


Ah shit. I forgot what happened lol. From a quick glance, I remember liking that both Towa-hime and Kazui decide to break off their engagement and go after their respective love interests. Just sucks for Towa-hime that hers decides to shoot her in hopes of being with her in death if society won’t let them be together. And not sure how she lived through that despite the chest wound and becoming a Revenant but whatever ~

I remember face palming when Kazui kissed Kaguya but Kaguya thought she imagined it all, leaving Kazui to stare at her like, =___= bitch really?

The last few pages show us that after her fight with the Towa-hime controlled robot, Kaguya sustained a wound that would make wielding a sword impossible for her now. Higuchi (guy on the cover) appears and tells her he can help. But not before he goes into his sob story.

And that’s it. The story is pretty slow ^^; Folk like to talk a lot haha. Art is still gorgeous to look at tho some of the panels still make me go “gah” due to the choice angle used :p

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