Backlog Attack Part II: Day 21

ichiban1 copyIchiban-Boshi Kirari (First Star Light) #1 by Sugata Uri


“With his soft touch, he’s taken up resident in the hidden folds of my heart…”

Rinri is a country girl who hails from a remote island populated by just 300 people. Due to circumstances, she goes to the mainland to take a high school entrance exam, where if she passes, she’ll move to the city and attend school there. However, Rinri encounters a mini crisis along the way but is saved by a young man. Determined to meet him again and to broaden her horizons, she puts her all into her exam and passes!

Excited to start her new life, she’s shocked when she learns the young man who helped her out is actually a teacher at her school, a really terrifying one!!!


FUCK! Didn’t realize this was a teacher romance D: I initially thought the guy on the cover looked a little old but I just thought he was an older student. Nope. He’s just a guy who doesn’t realize he’s a pedo yet…

That aside, teach is weird as fuck. He’s got his “strict scary” side (hair slicked back, glasses on), and his “sweet cinnamon roll” side (hair down, glasses gone). It’s really weird. Makes me wonder if this guy should do acting, or needs to see a medical professional about his split personality?

I feel for the main girl. Moving from the sticks to the city is a big change. So many people, all the noise. And the making friends part. Right here in heart, sister. It’s cute watching Rinri try and grow accustomed to her new life. You really want to wave a flag that says “you can do it!”

Thus why Teach’s interactions with her are annoying. One minute he’s blushing about putting bandages on her knees cuz “a girl’s body is a sacred thing”, the next he’s telling the main girl to take her bento and eat alone on the roof. They’re not friends. I get that he’s trying to put distance between them and keep the boundaries of their titles in check, but when a student is sad and just wants someone to talk to, you can be an ear for her, man. It’s not like she’s asking for your dick :/

No real thoughts on the other characters in this series. They’ve mostly been chillin in the back. Although mom’s reason for kicking the kid to the city was so random. We don’t have money so we want to rent out your bedroom. To who? There are 300 people on that island who I’m quite sure already have places to stay…
But whatevas, we need a plot starter somewhere haha

While not my favorite (was never a fan of the sensei suki stuff), I’m enjoying Ichiban-Boshi Kirari more than I did her other work, Tonikaku Kimi ga. As long as Teach chills the fuck out and stops being an ass, I think we can make it to the finish line without too much hassle ~

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