Backlog Attack Part II: Day 19

Kiss and Ride #1 by Kaoruhara Yoshie


On the day of her entrance exam, a boy who shines like a falling star lands before Chiyo. His name is Tasuku and he’s someone Chiyo isn’t interested in associating with. Thinking him a delinquent, Chiyo is in for a surprise when she learns he’s not a thug but a racer!


Again, I had no idea what I was going to get with this title (who reads synopses?). I had seen Kiss and Ride at Kino but it was vol #2. since they never got vol #1, i went with good ol ~ The cover was eyecatching and I was prepared it’d be about some grumpy ass shojo male lead.

Boy was I wrong!

Main boy Tasuku is such a dork. He reminds me a lot of Ryuuji from Day 16’s The Golden Apple :) We need more goofs in shojos. The S-Ore-samas are fine, but not when all of them are Ore-samas. Put the mirror down and stop loving yourself that much.

However, throughout the first tank, it’s hinted there’s more to Tasuku than his little grin shows (also look at how pissed he seems on the cover haha). All his close associates keep either asking the main girl if she really knows who she’s been hanging with or telling her to not hate the real Tasuku when she meets him.

(Will the real Tasuku please stand up?)

I’m confused just how fucked up is Tasuku supposedly that you have multiple people telling the main girl to tread carefully.
Plus we have only one more tank so if Tasuku is gonna leave an impression on just how cray he is, he better hurry the fuck up lol.

Main girl Chiyo is alright. Nothing much to say. She’s pretty low-key and just throws out shojo smiles when needed to improve the mood. I love that she not only wall slammed one person, but two people in this tank! She’s so short so it’s hilarious to see her not even reaching either guy’s nipples in her slams haha!!

Here’s to hoping she has the shojo power to get Tasuku to open up and clean out all that baggage he’s holding. I feel like it has something to do with his brother dying but not sure exactly what. Then you got rival bike-kun who was bro’s BFF and is hinted to have some kind of rough history with himself too.
Hmmmmm, mystery ~

All in all, I was pleased with Kiss and Ride. The first tank has mostly been jokes and cute moments. Hidden subtlety are moments of foreshadowing of the angst to come. Especially that last page. Not sure what was going on with Tasuku’s possessive outburst but then again, shojo male leads do that all the time. It just felt weird coming from a snorkle like Tasuku…

I’m looking forward to reading the next tank and maybe, if this ends well, trying out this manga-ka’s other works :D

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