Backlog Attack Part II: Day 18

full moon engage 1
Full Moon Engage #1 by Rin Kouduki


“Long ago, the Wolf King used to rule these lands”

Lina is a young noble who lives in the country of Bercktis (meh I tried) with her parents. And for the first time in her life, she’s been invited to attend a ball held at the royal palace! There, she meets Elwin, the second in line to the throne. His quiet demeanor and moonlight touched hair intrigue Lina and the two become fast friends. They decide to leave the party and wander off to explore the palace grounds together, ending up at some historic ruins rumored to contain something from long ago. There, Elwin suddenly changes into a wolf before Lina’s eyes! Not only did his appearance change but so did his personality!

But Elwin isn’t the only one who has gone through a change. His kind and protective older brother now wants him dead??? Lina decides to run away with Elwin to solve the mystery behind his change and to find a way to stop his brother.


Wonderful art as always, Rin Kouduki. Her covers are what drew me in and kept me in haha. This time around the protagonist is less in your face. She’s more toned down than Sereira from Gin no Sereira. Elwin is likewise nothing like Adile. If anything, Elwin is a giant cream puff possessed by an Adile xD These two are super cute together x3 You just want to pinch their cheeks haha

I’m liking this is playing like an RPG adventure game, in that we’re acquiring party members on this journey. At the end of the manga we got a researcher tsundere priest in the crew and I took a peek at volume #2, which shows a handsome knight joining later :3 Can this be a video game cuz I like the man meat we’ve assembled ;j

Story wise, the synopsis covers the first half of the manga. The second half is about Elwin recovering from unleashing his beast and the crew working on getting tsundere priest to join them ~

Looking forward to more ~

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