Backlog Attack Part II: Day 17

Kurokami no Lady to Koi no Jikenbo (The Raven Haired Lady and the Case of Love) by Matsukawa Yuriko


19th century London. Caroline Westvine is an aristocratic beauty who has always possessed a strong sense of justice. To help the troubled, she casts aside her dresses and disguises herself as a man. Now Kerry Westvine, she works as a detective for those in need.

Her first big case revolves around two rival families and a stolen jewel. To prevent a pair of lovers from eternal separation, she’ll need to solve this mystery quick. If only the shrewd lawyer Hoen would get out of her way! But to find the truth, they will have to learn to set aside their suspicions of one another and work together.

All without anyone figuring out Kerry isn’t the boy everything thinks she is…


Still crawling through those old Next Comic F titles. :J Honestly, I love the variety found with Next Comic F ~ When I picked up this title, I totally judged by the cover and thought this was going to be one of those oujo-sama x butler-san romances. No where did I expect this to be a genderbent detective story!

(yeah, I don’t read the synopsis when I purchase JP manga. I just go with the cover – thus how I always end up with some weird ass shit haha)

Sadly I could only follow half way. Lots of big detective words were thrown around but at my current level, no furigana means I have no clue what’s going on. I could only understand when people were talking about normal stuff hur. The art is gorgeous ~ though some of the guys tended to have what I kindly refer to as penis noses at times. But that was only really in the beginning. Think the manga-ka must have caught on about how phallic the honkers were looking that she changed it up towards the end xD

I look forward to returning to this manga once my level has increased a bit. Colored me surprised when I just saw recently that a sequel is coming out soon! While I couldn’t understand much of the detective work, I liked the characters and wanted to explore them out more. Even the manga-ka said in her end blurb thing she wanted to write more and was sad she couldn’t. I’m glad she’s given an opportunity to continue :D

6 thoughts on “Backlog Attack Part II: Day 17

  1. Hello,

    I am so sorry to bother you but I wanted to ask I saw a manga (guy with purple/black hair with flower near mouth) on your instgram and was wondering if you could tell me the title and author of the manga? I tried your manga list but it would only show me the last eight saved and won’t show me the rest. I also wanted to tell you I love your site and posts ; ) Once again thank you so much!


    • Hello there!

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Is this the manga you’re referring to? (just want to make sure :))

      If so, it’s called Ayanashi no Kimi (あやなしの君). It’s originally a light novel running in Sylph but recently a comic version has started :) (the book in my picture is the comic version).

      “I tried your manga list but it would only show me the last eight saved and won’t show me the rest.”

      Ah darn, I wonder if it’s cuz the list wants you to have an account with them? :o sorry about that – thought it’d show to everyone. Hmm, I might have to find another site to use cuz that’s kinda inconvenient…
      Thanks for bringing that to my attention! :)

      And thank you for the lovely comment :D I’m glad my silly little blog entertains :)

      Sorry again!


      • Hello,

        It is no problem :) Oh my gosh that is one! Thank you so much. Does the novel have the same name as the manga?

        Yes, exactly! Sadly I could not read what is said because it was in a different language and it kept prompting me to make an account or go through other social media things.

        I love your blog and all of the reviews you do :) Now I want to purchase a couple of the ones you reviewed recently :)

        Thank you so much!


        • Yup! The two bear the same name :)
          I know the manga-ka who illustrated the novel – two of her works are either published or to be published in English: Black Bard and The Ninth Magia.
          The manga-ka who illustrates the manga version is new to me. I feel like I’ve seen her work somewhere…like as a one-shot but nothing is coming to mind. But that cover ~ <3

          I'll see what others are using to make the process easier :)
          I think I might try librarything? Goodreads was limited in its Japanese manga, thus why i stopped using it. But I have a few internet friends who use librarything for their collections so when I get back I'll give it ago and see if I can link it as a widget with my blog ~

          Ohh! Do you mind if I ask which titles caught your eye? :D



          • Hello,

            Sorry for taking so long to write back. My old computer died and I just found your site again today. Yes, I too swear I feel like I have seen that manga-ka style before but for the life of me I can’t figure out where. Oh that would be lovely! You make such wonderful selections :)

            I admit after you told me I ordered all the hana yori mo yaiba no gotoku as well as the golden apple, and the Ayanashi no Kimi manga :) I am kind of curious how many volumes the Ayanashi no kimi manga will have. I just wish that someone would purchase the license for Kindan no Koi de Ikou . Once again thank you so much!


            • Not at all! I was on vacation so I haven’t been on my blog much :)

              Oh! I’ve made a librarything account – well, it turns out I had one but I just never used it :p Unfortunately, wordpress doesn’t really allow java widgets so I’m unable to display my reads like I can with bookmeter. I have a little librarything icon below bookmeter but I’ll have to fix things out so it stands out more ^^; From here on out, I’ll update both bookmeter and librarything. Just a note but my librarything account is super outdated.
              Thanks again for your input :)


              Ah! I’m glad you got The Golden Apple!! :D It’s a great read!
              I’m right now reading Ayanashi no Kimi in Sylph (I’m super behind on my mag reads so I’m reading the mag right now where the first chapter came out ^^ It’s interesting thus far)
              Hopefully you’ll like Hana Yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku more than me – things were going good in the beginning, but I think once my favorite character left the scene, I lost interest (I liked having the butt kicking older sister type character giving the main character support :3). The art is beautiful, though the main guy’s face kinda freaked me out a bit.

              While I haven’t read Kindan no Koi de Ikou, I have read Ohmi Tomu’s other stuff – Midnight Secretary and Spell of Desire :D I was super stoked when VIZ announced they had licensed her work. I’m hoping for more stuff from her because I love the art and her stories x3 (also, just more good josei in general – we are in a josei drought!)



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