Backlog Attack Part II: Day 16

ougon no ringo

Ougon no Ringo (The Golden Apple) by Minamitani Iku


High schooler Rinko is the “mother” of her household. She cleans, cooks, and keeps the family in check. She’s so good at her motherly role that her nickname literally is “mom.” The reason she has to be the matriarch so to speak is because she lost her own mother long ago. Her father works for a talent agency and has such an erratic schedule, that someone had to fill that role (and it certainly wasn’t going to be him!).

Which is perfect when her father suddenly shows up with rising star Ryuuji. Ryuuji needs a place to stay, away from his obsessive fans and the paparazzi. Some place where he can relax and not be on edge. So why not the home of his boss? How will Rinko handle this new surprise? Taking care of her father is one thing, but an idol???


OMG, this manga was so cute x3 I loved all the characters, save the crazy idol bitch (thankfully her ass left after almost ruining everything). Rinko and her motherly habits were refreshing. She reminded me a lot of the main chick from Horimiya, except less aggressive haha. Ryuuji was just a precious marshmallow. He was such a goof. You actually reminds me of the main dude from Horimiya. Hell, this Horimiya, except set in the idol world haha!

Glad the cover caught my eye (I liked Rinko’s coordination) and possessed me to put this into my shopping cart cuz otherwise I’d have miss this cinnamon roll experience. I have nothing else to say other than if you want a cute read, I’d check out Ougon no Ringo :3

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