Backlog Attack Part II: Day 15


Nyotaika Yankee Gakuen – Ore no Hajimete, Nerawaretemasu (Genderswap Delinquent School – My First is in Danger!)



“Fight me!”

Kadoki Torao lives by the Yankee code. His life would have nothing to do with the lady’s man Inuduka Rouhei were it not for the fact Inuduka left Torao black and blue from a rumble they had.

Fueled by the desire to get revenge, Torao goes through an intensive training regiment for a month and returns to challenge his rival. Just before the big fight, Tarao is offered a soda called “The Lady Changer.” Unperturbed by the name, he takes a sip and finds himself staring down at a pair of boobs??? He’s now a woman???

As if that wasn’t bad enough, his rival is now interested in him…her?? Sexually!!!!

And what’s more, he finds himself falling for Inuduka’s seduction!!!

Just what is going on???


Alrighty…so let me tell you. I was not. Expecting. What I. Read.

Sure I was expecting Inuduka to be a perv and grab a tit every now and then, with this ending with the main character going back to being a boy, and the two being happily gay with each other (if only cuz I didn’t realize at the time the publisher of this tank is a BL one). But all in all, a good genderswap rom-com.

What I wasn’t expecting was straight up smut. I mean, they did it all. Going down DEEP. Fingers. Suckling. Tongues. Butts. Bondage. Public spanking. There were more pages dedicated to sex then there was to story o__o This could have almost been a hentai, dude…

And no place was safe from Inuduka’s lust. The school roof. A ferris wheel. The park. THE FUCKING BOY’S BATHROOM???

Ignoring the sex, what little pages were left over were pretty amusing. Torao has great facial expressions and reactions. The two together had some hilarious scenes. There’s a jealous bitch rolling around causing trouble but hopefully she gets the heck out of town cuz her presence isn’t wanted :/

Nothing much to say about this tank. Nothing is solved since again, all dat sex. But it looks like the next volume might explain wtf is going on. Or it’ll have more sex lol. We’ll have to wait and see… >___>

[Edit: I left for a walk and for some reason, the following thought occurred: who is the targeted audience for this manga? I thought those fans of rom-coms but that’s a lot of sex. Even josei don’t go that crazy. Is it for dudes? But the publisher is a BL one. BL fans? But there ain’t two guys…hmmmmm?]

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