Backlog Attack Part II: Day 14


Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku Tank #2


“Let’s make this world peaceful again”

With that promise, Tachibana Kaguya became Tokugawa Kazui’s Bashi or Protector.

After meeting her father again, only as a Revenant – the dead risen and possessed by darkness – and freeing his soul, Kaguya has proven herself as a Protector. But things are never calm in the life of a warrior. Her next mission takes her from the battlefield and on to the dance floor! The academy’s upcoming annual banquet is drawing near and something sinister is lurking in the shadows…

Also, what’s this about Kazui having a fiancee??


Wow was this a slow volume. The whole thing was about getting ready for the annual ball. Throw in two new characters and Itou Oruha being his usual shady self, and dat it. The end makes it sound like things are going to happen in the next volume which is good haha

Not to say anything was wrong with tank #2. Just letting you all know nothing much happens ^^; I mention meeting new characters – Saionji Towa and Gerald…Hohenberg (meh close enough). Towa is a fighter whose arms were crushed as an infant when Revenants attacked her household, killing everyone save her. Gerald Hohenberg is an engineer who knew her family and crafted robotic arms for her to use. Towa also happens to be Kazui’s fiancee though you can tell the two of them aren’t too keen on the idea. See, Towa loves Doctor Gerald since he’s been there for her since she was a kid just as much as Kazui loves Kaguya but is too tsundere to admit that fact. However, both can’t commit to their heart’s desire for fear of breaking the arrangement.

Or so they say but at the end they’re like, do we really? :J

I liked Towa. Another female fighter was much wanted ~ Her having super strength is awesome and she thus far hasn’t acted like a bitch or anything. If anything, she acts like an older sister to Kaguya :J

Itou Oruha gets more screen time (he’s even on the cover!). Still don’t understand what game he’s playing at. He does drop the hint that the army, or whatever that’s battling the Revanants, want to use robots and Revenants to fight Revenants – guess fight fire with fire? But that doesn’t seem like a good idea….

We’ll have to see with the next tank what’s going to happen with everyone :J

Oh and fucking Doctor Gerald. He cray as shit. He cray in love or cray in obsession. I don’t know. But he cray. Hopefully Towa punches the shit out of him to calm his cray ass!

Oh again! WTF Kaguya. In one scene, Oruha pins Kaguya on the ground and makes like he’s going to sexually assault her. Kaguya starts reaching for a dagger nearby but stops, thinking “oh shit I’m Kazui’s Protector. If I shank Oruha, I’ll ruin Kazui’s reputation (never mind that I was doing it in self defense)!” Instead, she tells Oruha to do what he wants with her and thankfully he backs off.

Him: ew bitch stop being so desperate :/

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