Backlog Attack Part II: Day 13


Hana yori mo Yaiba no Gotoku tank #1


Evil has caused the dead to rise again as beings called “Revenants.”  Seized by darkness, the Revenants lash out and attack the living.

16 year old Tachibana Kaguya is a young swordswoman who enlists into the prestigious Reimeikan Academy so she may be trained as a “Banshi” or “Protector.” She hopes to be a Protector to Tokugawa Kazui, a man she met in her youth. Who told her “I’ll create a world free of Revenants, this I promise.”

In world thrown upside down, a love that has transcended time will blossom once again.


Man, do I love bundles. Got the whole series for 10 bucks hee ~ <3 Thus far the story is slow but jerks around suddenly at times, like a startled old man. Main girl Kaguya goes to school to train as a Protector for Kazui. Not too sure why she’s at this academy when thus far nothing has happened concerning this academy. No training or studying. The most I’ve seen is her taking care of Kazui’s animal friends lol. I get the feeling the academy setting was just an excuse to get people to wear uniforms and to have the boy cadets be jelly that there’s a girl kicking ass in their ranks. But that’s just my guess.

The main bits in this first tank are Kaguya going to the academy, Kazui telling her to get, her saying no and proving herself, her becoming his Protector, the academy boys being dicks and trying to take Kaguya out, her kicking their dicks off, Itou (mentioned below) appearing and being like, look at this sword, it is possessed by your dad turned Revenant, her getting depressed about dad going to the dark side, her making a friend (random lol), her unintentionally getting Kazai hard for her, them fighting the dad Revenant, and her getting the power to purify Revenants from this lady in her head.

See, slow but jerks in random directions suddenly for no reason ~

Character-wise, Kazui is a tsundere and that never goes well for me. He’s cold as ice and mean as the taste of horse shit but he does what he does with good intention (just would help if he was more upfront about it rather than say this in his head or to his other Protector). Thankfully Kaguya is a positive happy shojo heroine that just takes the abusive blows and keeps on smiling (slowly winning his heart in the process). She’s portrayed as a decent badass with the sword but unfortunately when shojo cliches are needed, she suddenly loses the ability to swing her sword properly and defend herself which was a bit disheartening :( She even let a guy boob tickle her when just 20 pages ago she wiped the floor with the jelly boy cadets (include Honkers) who tried to beat her into leaving.

There are two other characters as well who are present but don’t get as much screen time as the main stars. You have Higuchi Naotata, one of Kazui’s protectors, the goofy sidekick if you will. He’s mostly present to poke at Kazui and to get us to hear Kazui’s reasons for acting like a prick, so I guess we’ll like him better? Then you have Itou Oruha, who is a fighter from the academy like Kazui. He has the ability to talk to Revenants and manipulate them into doing his biding. Thus far he’s been giving off “evil” vibes but I’m betting he’s going to be one of those “I not really bad, I just make bad decisions” characters.

Gonna be interesting to see what we’re going to achieve in these next 5 volumes. I haven’t read something from Princess in years so I don’t know the magazine’s style. Hopefully it’s fun. That’s all I ask :J

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