Backlog Attack Part II: Day 12


oujitoinuOuji-sama to Inu (The Prince and the Dog) by Onda Yuji

Summary: Yuuri is an average girl who hopes to get good grades and go to a good college as a token of her appreciation for all the hard work her mother has done to raise her single-handedly. However, fate has different plans for her when she gets involved with raising star Haduki.  While Haduki puts on a charming smile in front of his fans, beneath those pearly whites lurks a little demon. After Yuuri tackles him, thinking him a pervert (who is to blame her when he’s hiding in the bushes with a face mask and sunglasses on, he blackmails her into being his gopher…or more specifically, his dog!


This is a title I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed. Everything about it was wrong. Haduki was a little shit. Yuuri just rolled with the abuse. The plot was all over the place. If anything, I should have hated it. But damn…why did I like this? D:

I wanted to hate Haduki most of all, cuz he was a little shit. But because he fell in love first, he’d do these stupidly embarrassing things that made me go (*´▽`*). Seriously, like in one scene, he and the Yuuri go to an aquarium. Yuuri is having fun and so does he. While resting, he talks with Yuuri, acting all ore-sama, but upon hearing Yuuri having dated someone before him, he drops his papers in shock. He wasn’t expecting the girl he liked to have dated someone else! Haduki gets all flustered and ends up having to walk around to calm down.

And that’s nice and dandy but then he’d do something dumb and I’d be like, go rot in a compost heap!

Continuing on, we learn the whole aquarium date was so he could get ready for his next role, though you can tell it wasn’t just for his acting career he asked her out – Haduki too dookie to admit he wanted to go out with her. Yuuri gets upset because she thinks she’s the only one who was having fun and tells him she’d hate to have a boyfriend like him.

Him: :(

She leaves cuz 1.) angry and 2.) confused about his :( face. Thanks to a shojo shark, she trips and he catches up. Haduki tries to be ore-sama and says if she takes back what she said earlier, he’ll help her. She refuses.

Him: :,(

He crotches down in front of her, hurt. She’s confused because wtf. He then grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. But she doesn’t know how to interpret said kiss, still stinging over the reason for the date. She asks if the kiss was part of the script as well, leaving him to cry pretty much on the floor.


And the drama would continue like that. Up and down. Up and down. In terms of story though, we’re flying by the seat of our pants. They meet. He likes her. She’s confused. She tells him to go be a star. He does. Then he cries. She’s cries too and tells him, don’t cry I love you. Him: :) He quits the Hollywood life for a while to enjoy the high school life to be with her. End. Your butt will have underwear burn from how quick the ride was haha.

But I liked Ouji-sama to Inu. It was an entertaining ride. Just gonna hide this baby a little more to the back of my shelf so no one judges me too hard :p

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