Backlog Attack Part II: Day 11




Nibiiro Musica (Musica Scuro Grigio) vol #2

Continuing on where tank #1 left off, Takumu and Yuki are now lovers. Yuki’s surgery from the last chapter was successful and now he can see again. At Takumu’s encouragement, Yuki starts a little youtube/blog thing to pass the time while recuperating. Surprise to both of them when the blog explodes in popularity. To the point where Yuki was asked by a music label to debut his own collection of music. Now back on the road to becoming the pro Cellist he always wanted, things are looking good for Yuki. Got his vision. Got his dream. And got his best friend’s d. But good things never last in the world of josei/shojo/whatever genre this is.

The first 1/4 of the manga is about one of Yuki’s music buddies (Noelle) coming over and acting like a little turd. But thankfully Takumu wins him over and what may have been a sad attempt at a love triangle is squashed. From Noelle, we get a little glimpse into Yuki’s accident (fucking finally!). Apparently people were jealous of Yuki’s skills. Noelle didn’t give a shit about Yuki’s skills but got jelly of the fact Yuki was working super hard due to a promise he made with a friend of his back in his home country. Noelle was so nipples deep in that jel that when these faceless warts came up to Noelle one day and said they were going to mess with Yuki, Noelle goes along with their plans and lures Yuki to the roof. However, he thought the guys were going to fart in Yuki’s mouth or whatever he interpreted “messing with Yuki” as, not knife him and throw his body over the roof. Noelle says my bad to Yuki,  who must be Jesus reincarnated cuz he’s like, lol that’s cool and forgives him. Unfortunately, this is all we get on the accident. Guess we’ll have to wait until tank #3 for more deets…

The next 1/2 deals with Takumu and Yuki wondering what their future is going to be like. Yuki feels bad he can’t give Takumu a normal life like marriage and kids to which Takumu is all, dude calm the fuck down it’s not that serious (<- but it takes like 100 pages to get to that point lol).

The last 1/4 of the tank has random shorts. One is how Takumu and Yuki first meet. The second is on Yuki worrying Takumu thinks he’s lame (lol ok Yuki calm the hormones haha). The last focuses on Noelle and his possible love interest/manager.

I’m still loving this title ~ As dramatic as these two fools are, I love how shojo things are ~ Also, it’s not all about the sex (though there are sex scenes for those who demand the sex scenes). I REALLY would love to learn what the hell happened with Yuki. I mean, why are the cops now mounting an investigation on this? The man had attempted murder on his life!

But, we have 2 more tanks so hopefully we’ll have an explanation at some point lol

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