Backlog Attack Part II: Day 10

kimi ii

Kimi ni Koishite ii desu ka? (May I Fall in Love with You?) by Shiiba Nana


Poor Ruiji has a face that can make even the toughest man wet himself. Needless to say, he’s lived a life of isolation – eating alone, studying alone, and hanging out alone. Now a high schooler, Ruiji hopes to make some friends and live the high school life!

But just cuz you’re older, doesn’t mean people are more accepting. As with the people in his past, his classmates either run from him or think he’s trying to pick a fight with him (even the teachers have labeled him a delinquent and all he did was smile at them!). Resigned to another school year alone, out of no where, one of his classmates offers him a tiny bit of kindness. Sure she runs away screaming a few seconds later, but for Ruiji, those few moments meant the world. Now he’s determined to make her school life a great one, as thanks. But why does his heart beat so fast at the sight of her?


Since I really enjoyed “Tokimeichatte Gomen ne?” from my first Backlog Attack attempt, I wanted to try out her other stuff (yeah, I know – buying more stuff kind of defeats the purpose of killing my backlog but that’s not the point!). I went with “Kimi ni Koishite ii desu ka?” because the main guy looked super cute on the cover (he’s the brown haired character blushing hard).

I thought since there were 4 people on the cover, I was going to be rolling in the love triangle (square?) rage but color me surprised for I was not! At least with this first volume. What surprised me even more was I liked the red haired chick on the cover. I thought from her looks, she’d be a bitch, and get in the way of the love. But she turned out to be only a little bit bitch. Rather, she hides a really good heart and ends up being the catalyst to getting main guy Ruiji closer to his crush (chick with the short hair on the cover). Also, she’s got her own crush and sees Ruiji as nothing more than an interesting specimen but later views him in a better light after he saves her from rapist thugs (you have to have at least one of the following to be a shojo: trip down stairs, rapist thugs, or someone getting run over/did get run over by a car).

Nothing much to say about the blonde guy since he literally appeared on the last past, doing a wall slam and telling the main chick they should date – with poor Ruiji in the background going D:

The main chick I don’t really care for at this point since a good 3/4ths of the manga had her either trembling in fear of Ruiji or her running from him. After seeing what a good heart Ruiji has beneath his permanent angry bitch face, she decides to stop being scared of him and try to be friends with him. From there, all of a sudden, the shojo blushes and roses start appearing.

Me: ???

Story wise – Ruiji has a scary face. In fact, his whole family has a scary face save mom who keeps the scary on the inside (the whole family obeys her haha). His scary face has caused many misunderstandings and people avoid him. The ones who don’t are looking for a fight which he easily can deal out (like damn Ruiji, how the fuck can you roll those punches out so smoothly?). After being friendless for so long, Ruiji is hoping to change his life around in HS but lol nope scary face and beating the shit out of some thugs on the first day of school gets the masses running from him. However, there is one person who was nice to him and that was the main chick. But that went downhill when she saw his pummeling the thugs trying to beat him up. Since she was the only person who was nice to him, he wants to make sure good things go her way. He’d like to be friends but he’s not sure if that’s possible.

Mixed into the bag is red haired chick. When trying to learn how to get along with people, he over hears she’s a love guru. When he goes to inquire, we see she’s not so much of a love guru, as a girl who just plays with guys. When she sees Ruiji has found her out, she tries to hit on him but his heart ain’t fickle. He’s got someone thanks. But this sparks her interest and they end up forming a strange team. For him to keep her secret, she’ll work on getting the main girl and Ruiji closer ~

In conclusion, not sure who I’m rooting for right now. I want Ruiji to find love and friendship but since the main chick hasn’t really been around much, I’ve got no feels for her. I like the bitchy friend, but I like her as his friend. Please do not make her fall in love with Ruiji. Can we have just one shojo where the dude has a female friend who doesn’t want his D? Also, Blonde needs to keep walking cuz we only have 1 tank and I’d rather spend it on developing the main girl than watching him try and honk her boobs :/

Fingers crossed this all ends well ~

We’re 1/3 the way down with the Backlog Attack Part II! Can I do this? Will I actually make it the entire month??? :o *pumps fist*

7 thoughts on “Backlog Attack Part II: Day 10

  1. Ooooh the set up sounds similar to the side character in Ouran High… Ristu was it? And everyone assume he’s a gangster but he’s actually super adorable and blushes all over the place >.< Loved him so much haha


    • You know, I’ve never read Ouran :o
      I’ve been meaning to but I just never got around it yet. I’ve heard great things tho :J
      It’s just every time a VIZ sale happens at RS, I’ve been so busy trying to catch up with older series, I haven’t grabbed the box set yet. But one day!

      Ritsu sounds hilarious BTW – a gangster with the soul of a shojo heroine haha xD


      • You’ve never read Ouran?!! :O :O :O
        Wow so shocked! But yes, if you have the chance to, please check it out! It is a bit of a longer series but really worth the read, it’s one of my favourites!

        He is hilarious, one of my favourite characters in the series, although he hasn’t got a major role :(


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