Backlog Attack Part II: Day 8


Kuro Ookami no Ichizoku: Meguriau Kemono no Kougou (A Family of Black Wolves: A Fateful Union with a Beast)


In the Saiga family, cursed blood flows through the veins of the Saiga males. For a few, this blood grants them powers, but it also taxes the body heavily. The only way to appease the hunger is via body fluids.

Akio Saiga’s curse bestowed upon him the ability to read people’s minds. At long last he has found his “other half,” Miyuu, and has taken her as his wife.  While the curse still has its hold on Akio, he senses something else when he’s with Miyuu…a place he’s never been to…and a girl he’s never met…or has he?


Yup, more of this raunchy fun hur ~ I’m sad my Japanese wasn’t strong enough for me to completely understand what was going on (.___.). I could only catch the gist of things, not the details. There was much talk about the curse and its origins. About what people like Miyuu are. Why people were super cray to kill Akio….sigh. I’ll just have to re-read this in a year and hope my skills have gotten stronger!

What happens in this volume was lots of “let’s talk about the background of things since we really didn’t do that in the first volume cuz page constraints.” Also thrown into the  mix was reincarnation business (and I’m all about that reincarnation business so this made the book even more enjoyable for me :J). Creepy uncle also got some screen time, trying to seduce Miyuu with his cursed powers – hypnotism. See, he gets all jelly about Akio finding his “other half”/happiness and not having to resort to sex clubs to get his fill that Uncle starts scheming. Uncle reckoned that maybe Miyuu could be his “other half” too but nope – she’s only got that love for Akio ~

Uncle: fuck

Despite the really ominous looking cover – dat red – the end was super cute! Babies!!! Yesssssshhhhh!

Despite not understanding much, I really enjoyed this little series. The main couple were adorable together and even though things got weird sometimes, I’ve seen worse (that Nightingale smut one .___.” My eyes still cry tears of pain…). Very happy to add this to my collection, though again, it’ll be locked away so no one will find it…NO ONE!

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