Backlog Attack Part II: Day 7


Kuro Ookami no Ichizoku (A Family of Black Wolves) by Tokoro Kemeko


In the Saiga family, cursed blood flows through the veins of the Saiga males. For a few, this blood grants them powers, but it also taxes the body heavily. The only way to appease the hunger is via body fluids (yeah, we all know where this is going). 

Akio is a member of the Saiga family. His curse bestowed upon him the ability to read people’s minds. It’s with this power, his attention is caught by a new maid Miyuu. He can read she’s after his life…but why?

He tries to keep his distance but one day, overcome by the curse’s desire to feed, he ends up turning to Miyuu to satisfy the craving. Yet rather than repel him, she welcomes him with open arms, her mind filled with nothing but deep love for him. 

But doesn’t she want to kill him??


Holy snaps. A smut where the loving is consensual! Wtf, call the editors because how did that sneak through!!


Joking aside, I added Kuro Ookami no Ichizoku (and its sequel) to my cart at the same time I added Nibiiro Musica. Cuz pretty covers :P
**(let it be known that I didn’t realize the chick on the cover had her lions hanging out. I thought they were covered by her apron, but since this is smut, it makes sense the pride would be out).
The art inside was also super pretty but holy fuck this is something you hide in the back of your closest in a locked box that requires both a password and DNA to open. This title is raunchy as hell!! You get 10 pages in and we’re at a sex club for the rich (this is where the single Saigo family men go to get them fluids). And shit, this sex club got some freaky shit going on. You have two dude banging one lady, one lady banging a dude with another lady licking her butt – not her vajayjay (Me: O__O), Akio pleasuring two ladies (one with his joy stick, the other with his fingers), and then you have Akio’s Uncle having fun with a young boy (why is it always the uncles?).



Yeah….That took a second to adjust to. But after that surprise, the smut stays mainly between Akio and Miyuu (we never make a return visit to the Puss and Stick in this volume). When they’re not working them mattress springs, they made a cute couple ~ If only because Miyuu is simple as hell. Her pure adoration for Akio shocks his frigid heart. No matter how he tries to push her away, she just bounces back – like one of those punching dolls. Her endearment is what eventually breaks him down and finally accept that maybe he can be happy like normal people.

I’m kind of surprised the summary on the back of the book never mentioned there’s a way to calm the curse without having to lick someone’s vaginal fluids (or semen in dirty uncle’s case). It’s not a secret since we’re told like 5 pages in…but whatevas? >__>

All in all, the read was interesting. A bit of a shocker opening wise but still interesting haha.. ^^; The pacing was a bit crazy but hey, we only had one volume to tell the story (later there’s a sequel) and that’s not bad.

Oh! Before I end it here. One last thing: the steamy love scenes were kinda ruined by the main guy and his tongue. Like shit bro, you’re supposed to be pleasuring her, not mimicking a frog trying to grab a fly out of the air! He’d always have that thing sticking out. It was distracting and super amusing xD

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