Backlog Attack Part II: Day 6


Koi Suru Little by Aoyama Haruno


Mito Chiharu. First year freshman in high school. Member of the track team. Naive and awkward but has a strong passion for running. 

Mito ends up meeting Yuuki, a first year like her and member of the basketball team. The two find themselves able to easily communicate with the other, a common link between them their dedication to their clubs. Mito finds herself fascinated with the serious and dedicated Yuuki…

This little love story unfolds, staring a young girl who has never been in love before…


Cute little story. Nothing really much to say about it ^^ All the characters had their dumb moments but not to the point you want to strangle them and then display the bodies as a warning to other shojos. Even the “love rival” wasn’t bad. She felt bad about being a ho which is better than the hoes that love their bad selves and roll in the shit the make.

I will note I really like how dedicated the main characters were to their clubs – both stayed after late to practice in order to get better :J (none of their other club mates did that – fuck no, there’s Game of Thrones to be watching! Plus all our dreams will be crushed the second we graduate so what’s the point?).

Something that stuck with me is the main character asking herself that if her love interest were to love someone else, how should she proceed from there? Does a person, upon learning their love will never be reciprocated, just go “welp, there are other dicks out there for me to suck” and move on? (the main character is inexperienced in love, thus why she’s asking these questions) This just poked me a bit since it kind of borders some RL stuff going on for me ~
You know, I think I’d like to read a shojo like that – where the main girl likes someone else and she slowly gets over him (because pretty much 89% of the time, she gets with the guy she likes). But she’s not a dick about it ~ (don’t want to read about a shojo bitch haha).

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