Backlog Attack Part II: Day 5

Double Happiness by Funatsu Wase


A love story between two “new-weds” of different social backgrounds

On the day of her wedding, Yuurin’s husband-to-be leaves her at the alter for another woman of higher status. Devastated, Yuurin devises a plan to show up her runaway groom…by becoming the emperor’s bride!

But how will things work out for Yuurin’s plan, especially when a young boy turns her plans upside down!?


Beautiful cover. Beautiful art. But the story…yeah, that left a lot to be desired… I think had this manga stopped about 5 pages from the end of the first chapter, it would have been great.

Story here is main girl Yuurin goes to the capital to marry the emperor as a metaphorical “fuck you” to her groom who left her standing at the alter.  Using her herculean strength (<- no idea where that came from), she busts in a door to the palace and is like, WHERE’S THIS MOTHER AT CUZ IT’S MARRIAGE TIME. Who she encounters is a young boy who we all know is going to end up being the emperor cuz come on.  Interacting with him, she learns that you know, marrying some guy she’s never met just to make the pain of getting rejectied sting less maybe isn’t the best thing she could do. Instead, she should reevaluate her life, become a better person, and see where that takes her. That was how the story was going for chapter one until Yuurin is barred from leaving cuz one of the head servant guys was all, well…when you were saving her from some thugs that had kidnapped her earlier cuz they wanted to use her to get some of the royal dollars, you said she was your woman…and yeah, that’s legally binding here.

Yuurin: what?

Emperor: what?

And that’s when the story went down. Chapter 2 had the emperor acting like the little brat he is (well, he’s like 12, guys. Only natural he’d be immature). Also, wtf to Yuurin. She goes to fight some thugs competitors who are trying to force this mom to shut down her late husband’s inn via kidnapping her child (deep inhale). Yuurin arrives with a 2 x 4 and starts waving it around (all I could think of was Bee and Puppycat‘s line of “Use the sword. USE THE SWORD AS A SWORD!!”). Somehow – and I’m not sure how – she embeds the 2 x 4 into the wall along with one of her sleeves. I guess this is her kryptonite cuz she gives up the fight and lets the thugs almost rape her. Then when the emperor comes in and intervenes – using politics – she gets angry and tells him he just rolled over and gave the thugs what they wanted.

Me: ???? He just saved you from having to get a rape kit done! The hell???

The last chapter has the emperor’s crazy mom come in. She takes one look at Yuurin and is all nah. To the point where she tries to stab Yuurin <- ???? Luckily the emperor intervenes, but not before acting like a little shit for 20 pages.

The last 3 pages has the both Yuurin and the emperor confessing their feels for each other. End.

But their romance didn’t feel…there at all. If anything, Yuurin kept treating the emperor as a little brother and the emperor himself was too busy acting like a little punk to really be romantic…

Needless to say, I was disappointed :( The cover was so pretty but damn what was going on with that plot??  At least I have another Next Comic F title down?

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