Backlog Attack Part II: Day 4


Kuro Ouji no Yuuuutsu (The Melancholy of the Black Prince) by Asakawa Nao


Sera is an unremarkable girl who works at the kingdom’s library. However, she also has another job…to serve as an attendant for the Prince Cafe, a place where royalty gather for a chance of pace.

Today’s adventure finds Sera on an extravagant cruise ship. As luck would have it, she won first place in a contest she went for – an all paid cruise vacation. On board, she meets Paris, the second prince of Crete. With his rich golden hair and magnificent visage, he is a sight to behold.

Too bad the same can’t be said about his personality…

Due to circumstances, Sera is charged with acting as his fake lover. But what will happen when he takes the role too far? And why does he remind her so much of her beloved Julius…?


Almost just as pointless as the second tank, except we finally get a kiss between Julius aka Grumpy and Sera. Also we have more background on Grumpy as Paris is his cousin. Paris was concernedly close to Grumpy (I don’t even know if that’s how you use the word “concernedly” but I’m rolling on >6 hours of sleep so it works for me), to the point where he got super ex-girlfriend jelly when Sera rolled up and came between them. Paris was so PB&J that he said shit about Sera and Grumpy proceeded to beat the shit out of him. The two fought and since then have been on bad terms.

But it turns out Paris always held a flame for his cuz – he’s the one who got help and shiz when that brick nearly caved in Grumpy’s head (he was sitting in the bushes, spying like he usually did when the accident took action – gah reminds me of that Love Jossie short Dx). Mystery solved on who helped the guy out since Sera was like, I dunno. Hell I don’t even know if he’s alive but even if he was I ain’t giving back this magnifying lens he gave me. Ain’t my fault he didn’t take it back before dying.

Speaking of Paris, he was just annoying, and then creepy once he went down memory lane and showed us incest is just a word to use in Scrabble to him. Flavor wise, I’d say he’s a Cactus Prince (prickly on the outside but vulnerable on the inside). Personally, I didn’t like him from the get go. That cover page of him screamed “little bitch” (first impressions, guys. They stick with ya). Also, I didn’t like that he forced a kiss on Sera cuz he was jealous over Grumpy having all the things (he has insecurities since he’s not the first in line for the throne – but rather than shank his friends and go criminal like Happy Prince, he instead just rolls over and takes whatever shots are fired at him; causing him to have pent up feels that he takes out on Sera). This hurts Sera hard because she was saving her kiss for when Grumpy finally found his balls and started to act like a man. Thus why I didn’t feel bad when Paris fell for Sera but she’s like, nah I got my grumpy dick at home so put yours away.

Supposedly tank 3 is the last in the Secret Prince series (at least this was the last to ever be made from this particular author at this point in time). While not a bad series, it definitely wasn’t my favorite of the Next Comic F titles. The first tank fun but super rushed. Definitely needed to be spread out to a second tank. These sequels that followed afterward really weren’t necessary, and honestly just felt like a waste of time since Sera already committed to a prince. Who cares if more princes are introduced and are interested in her? This is Disney shojo -she’s not going to cheat on Grumpy.  It took 3 volumes just to kiss, okay? It would have been better to have Grumpy with Sera together on her adventurers and them meeting the princes and added them to their team roster. This way we get both romance and bromance, instead of gathering more princes who jerk off at the cafe in a group cuz they all ain’t got no body… >___>

At least the art was super cute :3

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